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An Ohio woman has miraculously survived a fiery explosion in her car which was caught on a security camera Loretta gray of Cincinnati was behind the wheel on Monday when the propane tank in the back of her SUV suddenly triggered the explosion of flames and smoke as she was leaving a cooking class cops say she suffered third-degree burns to her face and body and despite the horrific incident is keeping a positive outlook on life saying I’m here for a reason [Music] chaos and privacy policy I don’t know what it is somewhere someone needs me in their life [Music] I’m here for a reason she said o…

Continue reading… he verge of tears to WLWT leading the Evanston Recreation Center where she took a cooking class and had a propane tank in the vehicle which she planned to return to the store after the session investigators believe the propane tank triggered the blast what I remember is backing out of the parking space thriving perhaps 20 feet and boom gray recalled debris was flying everywhere from the steering wheel from the roof it was powerful it was really powerful she added she said she felt the heat and flames of the explosion enveloped her and she wasn’t quite sure if she was alive thankfully officer Perry Locke was nearby so close in fact he was left in shock by the sudden explosion then rushed to extract gray from the vehicle [Music] it was almost like it reverberated through me from the force of the boom it took me a second to collect myself he said to NBC [Music] he said upon rescuing her gray couldn’t see or hear in the blast I saw her crawling to the passenger’s window trying to get out [Music] there was so much damage it wasn’t going to open so we had to get her through the window he said [Music] she was hospitalized suffering third-degree burns to her face and arms as well as hearing loss share this article share by Wednesday she was returned home all of this will heal