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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news one poll sent shivers down the spine of every Democrat in America Bernie Sanders supporters are irate in 2016 Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party did everything they could to rig the primary against Sanders but now Bernie Sanders and his supporters are feeling a sense of deja vu saw poll shows Bernie trailing this 2020 Democrat contender senator Bernie Sanders i-vt built a massive network of socialists in his pres…

Continue reading… ntial bid in 2016 but his efforts to overtake Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee fell short Bernie won 23 contests against Hillary’s 34 and rack up 1865 delegates to Hillary’s 2842 that makes him a frontrunner for 2020 Sanders is openly eyeing 2020 he traveled to Iowa the first state in the primary contest several times and his small army of socialists are excited that’s his biggest strength but Sanders may fall short again the numbers coming out of a recent CNN poll spells bad news for Sanders will Joe Biden steal spotlight from Sanders former Vice President Joe Biden is considering a 2020 run as well and Democrats are excited about Biden they think he is the one to defeat Trump a CNN poll has Joe Biden in first place with 33 percent of potential primary voters picking Joe that’s more than twice as much as Bernie Sanders Sanders came in a distant second with just 13 percent of the vote other 2020 hopefuls like sense come of a Harris Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker rounded out the top five despite their attack on Cavanaugh each of them had less than 10% of the vote the poll found that 46% of Democrats thought Trump would win reelection while 47% of them thought Trump would lose in 2020 Biden’s bump in the polls comes on the heels of his recent controversies button recently made a comment echoing Hilary’s misstep in 2016 Hillary called Trump supporters the basket of deplorable and bud and did the same in a recent speech to the liberal so-called Human Rights Campaign Biden described Trump supporters as the dregs of society he may receive backlash from the so-called hashmi to movement several photos of Joe Biden touching women or on the Internet and each women seems to be making faces that suggest his contact was not welcomed Biden’s actions were called into question by a voter at a recent forum button can expect more similar responses as he itches closer to running but but it may have a secret tool to lock up the nomination process before it starts will democrat party rigged election fair body on the fake news media loves to claim 2016 was rigged by russians this has been proven to be nothing more than lies yet Democrats have no problem spreading this fake news Democrats are quick to make up conspiracy theories about Russians meddling and elections however many in their party are ignoring their own history of rigging elections the Democratic National Committee DNC was caught red-handed in 2016 the DNC rigged the election to favor Hillary senator Elizabeth Warren said the DNC rigged the system for Hillary if the powers that be within the DNC want by done they’ll do the same either way this will be the second battle in the DNC’s Civil War Sanders supporters are scheming to take over the party to support him the biggest winner from a bloody primary would be Trump sore losers and open wounds from the primary may hurt the Democrats chances against Trump in 2020 are you hoping for a civil war and a DNC let us know in the comments below please don’t forget to like and support our channel bye press subscribe button dot thank you for watching