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All right everyone we have a major tech news doubleheader actually this morning about the de general fight of de platforming and censorship that’s emerging online it’s becoming a major issue and you’re seeing larger and larger names now associated with the right the left everything in between people who just want free speech and then people like me or creators we just want to be fucking left alone to be able to make a fucking living the things are heating up considerably I literally was sparring with the sleeping giants account on Twitter last night over this and other issues you know over ove…

Continue reading… he idea of the well the far-right Nazis did terrible things therefore somehow we need to do platform I hate even though a lot of the people being the platform’s are objectively not bigots and first and foremost PayPal a few days ago this decided to deep lat forum subscribe star that is you can still get your payouts they’re not taking new pledges at this time they’re like you know they threw up their hands unfortunately I think but you can get your payout so for those of you who donated I am able to do that I just have to put in like other info I can’t use PayPal to get the money that’s okay doesn’t really matter it’s really it was a temporary stopgap gap is is now rushing out a payment platform and it looks like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin are working together they’re saying within the next week or two possibly they will have an alternative as well now we’ll see of course what form that takes how it works you know the what ends up happening with it now I can tell you one thing for sure though anytime an alternative payment platform emerges it is immediately attacked by people who don’t want competition with lamestream Silicon Valley see what’s happened is that these activists ik groups so-called maybe I don’t recognize it as activism I see as a harassment campaign they’ve gotten Silicon Valley to back down and start censoring people their content preventing them from monetizing things you don’t ad sense and so forth I’m trying to go after payment processors get them to ban certain people they’ve got them where they want them so if an alternative crops up that threatens to break containment essentially in their minds see they’ve they’ve managed to convince Silicon Valley that it’s a good idea to censor things and they’ve managed to convince a lot of people through and through I’m probably a multi-billion dollar multi-year branding campaign that Surya was hush-hush and behind closed doors they’ve managed to convince people that like Tim Cook should be deciding what we can and cannot say what what what is or is not appropriate to be anywhere on the main line Internet it’s very funny it’s like they ban some they’re like okay you can’t raise money I’ll make your own payment platform they make that it gets D platformed they make their own their own platform for their payment campaign visa shows up and shuts them down so what you’ve got is a situation where you’ve got collusion it is you know crap divisa mitts a harassment campaign and it’s being aimed and this is what I spoke to the sleeping giants about the problem isn’t even for a lot of the people that are getting caught up now I oppose censoring anyone who’s not breaking any law but even for a lot of the creator community people who have mundane political beliefs they don’t even so much care about multi-platform the bigots it’s just that every time one of these platforms gets fucked if patreon has lost users and it’s affected my income and an alternative comes along and it gets deep platformed I’ve been robbed of a potential secondary platform in which people who no longer want to do business with engage in capitalism with that other business they could have supported me elsewhere they are no longer capable of doing that via SUBSCRIBE star and the reason for that is not hey the site itself it’s really extreme out there says vile things now the reading the reasoning behind is oh well they’re sheltering racists or something oh yes yes again sargon of akkad the bitter bitter virulent Nazi just totally Hitler then the second piece of news as is that sam harris has actually cancelled patreon I believe he’s one of their top 20 users by income and Sargon was right he’s probably in the top hundred they’ve lost and now with jordan peterson and dave rubin threatening to shut down it’s a hell of a lot and the problem for someone like me and again i’m reiterating this to groups like the sleeping giants and the Jared Holtz and the will summers think that these think that there are people who are are despicable on these platforms okay are you making any allies among the creator community when in a you target people like me or people some of these people are literally on the left they do political comedy no progressive voice sets up a patreon has some patrons and then those patrons there there’s there’s cross support for him and his political content and potentially Reuben or Sam Harris or Sargon or myself or something like that that person leaves the platform he’s losing money – you’re literally taking money from independent left-wing creators also you’re taking money from asthma tests from body builders from people who do fucking gaming videos from people that don’t care about politics son as a makeup channel loses $100 a month they’re like well shit I can’t quite make my rent and you are partially responsible for that so to sit there and pretend the ear that you’re like some glorious revolutionaries fighting fascism you’re not fighting fascism most of us see it as you’re fighting independent content creators and you are because most of the people impacted are not racists most of the people impacted aren’t even political commentators most of the people that have lost support over the last few weeks in the wake of Sargon being banned and now Harris going and Peterson and Rubin might go it’ll cause a ripple effect this is the problem when it becomes less profitable for creators they start making less money they’re less likely to care if they just leave the platform altogether and find some other alternative this could destroy patreon yes when this many larger creators leave a site it can leave a gaping hole in it cause it to be no longer profitable force it to potentially downsize to save face they might have to come and they might have to to reverse decisions say okay yeah we we hear the community loud and clear Sargon’s back you probably wouldn’t even rejoin at this point neither would a lot of these other people if it gets to the point where it’s no longer fundamentally profitable for me to be on patreon I’ll leave – I’ll set up a PayPal tip jar I’ll set up a permanent GoFundMe yeah something like that some site that isn’t deep platforming people at a whim for no reason a part of its not patreon spawn I understand this part of it is Visa MasterCard and fucking venmo and then stripe and all these other sort of groups now put pressure on these crowdfunding sites again though the average person impacted by that decision is not Sargon himself the average person is not far-right or racist or extremist in any objective or even in some cases subjective manner most of the people using patreon are not political commentators but if a person is there and let’s say that a person is more than one dimensional they donate to five or six people they’re donating to maybe a sports you know commentator you know a fellow Pats fan or fellow Browns fan scarce as hen’s teeth but they donate to them they they have a couple political commentators maybe a underground news site a musician or two something like you know they donate to multiple people you can know they’ve got their danger they’ve got enough income so they donate a little bit to five or six different people now one of them gets you now and one of them gets shut down and they say okay fucking I’m leaving the platform all together in protest welcoming a lot of people have done that I’ve lost I haven’t checked my patreon this morning but it’s about $800 a month that’s a lot of money you know to say I know it probably wouldn’t matter to like jack conte I know it probably wouldn’t matter to someone to you know some CEO of PayPal or something they don’t consider that they make that in an hour for me it’s a lot of money and so I tried to find an alternative now the alternative gets torpedoed so I’m glad like if if torva manages to develop through gam a payment processing ability yeah I’m gonna use it and I’ve heard some scuttlebutt over an idea that bitch shoot has has mentioned I won’t mention it publicly I’m not sure if they’re going public with the basic concept you know you don’t want to give your enemies any foreknowledge of your plans that I think could work I’d be on board with that probably and the real thing is yes content creators have a right to solicit donations look it’s such just like ad revenue some people think well you’re not actually creating anything yes you are you’re spending your time entertaining and informing people what what else do is there to say fucking you’re creating videos like what if you just so you go to the movie theater you expect not to pay anything to watch the movie on nothing’s been created it’s just like images and sound and shit doesn’t matter it’s not the way that it works those sardonic comments are very very funny indeed so yeah there’s your double news a subscribe star has been suspended by paper you know become a Russian crowdfunding site is it actually run by a Russian and if so why should I care I don’t give a fuck I don’t care if it’s a yeah I’m a Russia conspiracy okay well base it in the in the Maldives or something next time but your server on a coral reef put it up in Ceylon there’s only and they’d be out Antigua or Barbados that’d be funny yeah so I mean I’m trying to use this other side it gets deep platform again say it’s like the same old story and they were crowing about all bitch shooting gap they they’re not actually neutral they’re Pro Liberty and they’re procreator because they host creators and a lot of the creators that have been kicked off mainline sites happen to be political commentators the fact that the fact that a group that has the the hashtag resist socialist fist sort of bullshit in a Twitter profile thinks that someone’s far-right or an extremist I I don’t care about your opinions your opinions are meaningless you are openly politically biased in every way politically partisan in every way and it it’s nonsense that silicon well really I’ll say one last thing Silicon Valley isn’t just listening to them in a vacuum Silicon Valley doesn’t want to be platform people and lose money what they do want to do though is censor their critics people who stand for free speech whether they’re on the right or left are a hazard right now if you’ve come out as a proponent of free speech yeah you’re on a list somewhere basically Silicon Valley is looking for an excuse to D platform you because they’re multi billionaires they don’t they don’t want populism they don’t want they don’t want progressivism what they’re calling progressive is not progressivism it’s closer to corporate fascism yeah let it let the lead fucking the half a dozen private entities run by a bunch of old billionaires let them decide what you can and cannot say on the only main communications platform in the fucking world what a wonderful idea we can stop rebellions you know against her tyranny we can stop people from unionizing maybe we can crush our independent competitors which is I mean this is anti-competitive the idea that Silicon Valley and craft of associated with them whipped the legacy median politicians into a frenzy and attempt to D platform upstart competitors to mainline platforms it is raising and then they invoke capitalism and say well you don’t make make your own internet based on it’s not capitalism that’s anti-competitive in every way that sits closer to socialism but that’s what they want they want a controlled Internet in which it’s a lot like cable basically you’ve got you know a handful of gatekeepers deciding see it’s not people making the decision it’s only a handful of individuals it’s an oligarchy that’s really what it boils down to and then with again with sam harris leaving patreon i expect to lose hundreds more every month yes I expect the platform for political commentators fundamentally is dead now unfortunately in jack conte has responsibility for that in his trust and safety team for not even following their own Terms of Service they should not have de platform sargon they should have you know understood that his comments were taken out of context by people who simply do not like him and then they’re going to leave a gaping hole in their own platform and lose tens of thousands of dollars a month that they were getting from you know the donations that were circulating with Peterson leaves isn’t he depriving him of like three four grand a month which would have been their cut or even more than that possibly that’s a lot of money and if I leave the platform they’re being robbed at several hundred a month to which they take that’s their cut well that’s good money as paying you know your trust and safety team has fucking wages to Jack that’s about all peace out