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All right everyone the other day Pelosi asked Trump to delay his State of the Union address she’s like well the Secret Service is going to miss a paycheck and this you know hampers their ability to keep you safe for some reason you know until the government is reopened you should delay the State of the Union I believe and my civics lessons were correct he’s actually required once in a while to give a State of the Union there’s no reason to delay if the Secret Service is not going to be hampered you missed a paycheck therefore you can’t do your job now dan veneno came out actually he’s a former…

Continue reading… ent from the Secret Service he’s like no this is just an insult you’re you’re insinuating that the Secret Service will be unable or unwilling to do its job because they missed one paycheck that’s not the way that it’ll work miss Pelosi and so he’s actually calling on her to apologize I mean she’s not going to obviously politicians don’t really apologize it’s a partisan issue at this point like half the country is incensed that the government is shut down thinks it’s a horrible thing it’s nightmarish it’s dystopian Trump is literally Hitler the other half either doesn’t care or they support it they’re like cap give him his wall funding Alexander kzo Cortez comes out her first main speech in Congress what does she say first time that she’s speaking in front of Congress they’re in her official capacity what does she say oh this is this isn’t really about the border wall well that’s not it at all it’s about a dysfunctional government and the envy the casting away of sort of that the way government’s supposed to work the the destruction of the norms of our government the norms of our government we’ve had shutdowns before go Obama had a 16 day long shutdown which was at the time the longest in history some people who had a mental breakdown ultimately over the issue and thought it was the end of the country or some stupid like that what happened what ended up changing this shutdown for a while negotiations happen kind of soared on that reopened big whoop dude I don’t care if the government stays shut down for like a hundred years and it’s not affecting the average person maybe I realized that some government workers therefore miss paychecks well why don’t you talk to the Democrats and say hey yeah don’t you think that we can just give him his wall funding don’t you think that that’s in that one portion that he’s asked for can be given to him for something major promise that he made those that voted for him that elected him in the first place a majority of the people and a majority of the states wanted him that was the primary issue build the wall built the wall tax reform which he’s already delivered and trade deal negotiations which he’s already well underway on he’s made a progress of China he already basically got through in Europe and with NAFTA that’s been overhauled with the u.s. MCA China is the only main one left at this point and of course he scraps the the TPP refuses to sign he’s done two out of three of the the big things but the wall is important to some of his core fans now there was a polling has been conducted I’m not 100% sure if I particularly trust this because again aggregate more important than single poll showing a slippage of his support among some of his core fan base I can actually believe that the reason that that makes sense is because there’s no wall why do you think he’s fighting so hard for it look look again most of the country wants comprehensive border reform that’s not going to happen so long as the Democrats are willing to hamstring the government which is exactly what’s happening they are refusing to in to give him the funding on a main installation of border defense that they themselves as a party have suggested doing over and over throughout the last few decades Democrat and Republican presidents have always said well he’s a big problem at the border people are coming in illegally they can’t do that Obama one of his first main speeches we’re gonna you know solve this issue even into his second term he talked like that he sounded exactly like Trump no Democrats ever said he was a bad person or that he was racist you know which would have would have been very funny for the Democrats to say that about their own black president book nobody had a problem with the idea of having a better border security system Bush had his electronic border which has been kind of revived and is now part of the Democrats proposal after they called it problematic when Bush wanted to sign off on it remember that remember the electronic wall that Bush said he wanted to Billie’s like well we don’t need a physical barrier we just need more more MORE you know surveillance drones and video cameras and dystopian like that really I wanted to aim it on the inside of the border to keep tabs on people because he’s an authoritarian but you know we will just you know watch everything 24/7 on the monitoring centers and it will cost less it’d only be a couple billion now the Democrats are proposing reviving that program they killed in the first place as a counter to trump wanting to build a physical barrier and it’s like what are you people timeout is like ninety percent you are the same Democrats that have been sitting there rotting in Congress since the bush admin anyway you’re the exact same people that struck it down now you wanted all of a sudden as a counteroffer to Trump it be very funny if Trump said okay yeah that sounds all right well I’ll give George Dobie a pat on the back for giving you the idea and you should come out and do that by the way you should give credit where credit’s due so that then they can swallow Bush’s talk a little bit more Pelosi it’s not just insulting the Secret Service though she’s insulting the intelligence of the whole United States it’s a it’s a personal insult to myself to all of you and everyone else in this country and I’ll tell you why the Democrats have proposed similar measures for decades for them to suddenly pretend it’s a problem it can’t be fun the Democrats of all people not wanting to spend money on something oh my god now other than the military they’ve never suggested reducing or getting rid of any any penny of spending in this country all of a sudden they want to roll over and play dead when it comes to the border even though that’s it’s the main problem now the problem that was not slow trickle of people that are carrying their kids across the Rio Grande now the problem is that because you’ve incentivized people politically and socially to storm the border you’ve got groups of thousands of people approaching the border on a regular basis that’s now the problem how are you gonna stop them unless you have a good wall there it’s gonna be a hell of a lot harder what are you gonna do open live fire on them kill them all or something especially when they did exactly what I suggested would happen which is that they’ll take the old the women the women and children put them in the front and then you’ll have to fire tear gas and all of the cameras what they’re capturing is a group of women and children getting tear gas by u.s. Border Patrol well a wonderful optics there see if there was a better wall in these parts you wouldn’t have that problem because women and children aren’t very good at climbing 40-foot steel fences not going to happen very easily now you don’t need the tear gas at that point me really funny now Pelosi is full and she knows full well that his security detail is perfectly capable of working through a shutdown it’s like okay he’s the Pres the president’s going to be in danger by giving a speech why is it it’s not like he’s going out in the middle of the jungle to do it it’s not like the president has to hike up Mount Everest in order to give the State of the Union he has to you know he’s gonna be surrounded there’s DC police around the military as a presence all over DC he’s got his own security detail you’ve all some of these people in Congress have private security people that can help them thousands and thousands of people swarming around the area loaded down with every gun you can possibly imagine anti-air systems a daunting DC skyline you’re telling me that the president is endangered because he gives a 10-minute speech that doesn’t make any sense at all it’s not like the president stops existing during the shutdown and only starts existing to be a target because he gives the State of the Union he’s already there what he’s supposed to cloister himself behind a barbed-wire fence in the middle of the Oval Office and hunker in the bunker with a helmet on during the shutdown so that nobody does anything bad to him because the Secret Service stops existing that’s crazy talk dan I just Pelosi even know how the Secret Service operates does she know anything I’m scratching my head and people are like applauding hurts of hope yeah she’s right yeah yeah because they’re not getting their picture again they’ll be able to do their jobs you know if you’re so worried about the Secret Service missing their paycheck reopen the government she knows how to do that just give Trump his wall funding it’s a drop in the bucket of the budget it’s something that the majority of Americans do support I do not trust polling that says that they don’t I think that’s I think that those I think those polls are asking something a little skewed like do you support killing little children at the border or do you support locking out all immigrants because you’re a racist is it yeah I don’t think the majority of Americans are going to vote YES on your poll I would love to see the language methodology that’s actually employed there that’s about all Pisa