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All right everyone Nancy Pelosi ranting self-righteously and making dumb allusions to like in dining Trump is is fairly calm and it happens all the time she’s coming out and sort of doubling down on that you know that part of it is because of pressure from the government shutdown right the Democrats right now don’t want to talk about the fact that they’ve kept the government shutdown for a week now because they can’t stand the thought they can’t stand the concept that Trump would would garner a small amount of money for you know some mild improvements to the US border it’s like we want to spen…

Continue reading… hundred billion dollars bombing children over in Pakistan or Yemen that’s fine you want to give money to other countries that aren’t cooperating with us at all and basically squander that money on socialism bullshit trying to prop them up instead of you know trying to encourage them to pick themselves up by their bootstraps for once by having a free market that’s fine to give tens of billions a year to some of these states oh you want to protect the US border oh my god it’s a terrible thing we need to do something about this she’s coming out and she’s doing that thing that the neoliberals have been doing now for several years haven’t they to the far left specifically you dog-whistle the far left and say yeah maybe he’ll get indicted yeah maybe we got away from Euler but you know don’t worry here here here we’re gonna throw you a crumb of mentioning the possibility that Trump will magically disappear and stop being a problem for our schismatic fuckin political party in the end though are the neoliberals that control the Democratic Party actually gonna do jack shit no now here’s what I think here’s what I’m increasingly thinking even though the Mueller probe is stalled out it’s fundamentally over they haven’t indicted Trump they’re not going to indict Trump they’re gonna make do with mana Ford and some of these others I think that Mueller is under intense pressure from the left from the Democrats especially those that sort of have their their hands in the Intel community I think he’s under a great deal of pressure to not come out with a final decision until after the 2020 election I’ll tell you why let’s say that Mueller comes out right now and this doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee that happens it’s just he’s under pressure to it I think that they’d be pressuring him to do that they come that he comes out says well no you know Trump didn’t break any laws you know we got manna for money lon and we got Papadopoulos he lied he got two fucking weeks in the county jail basically some of this other stuff Flynn is like that’s a dead issue they don’t ever want to discuss they’re not gonna be able to get Trump what does this do the neoliberals have spent two years rambling about to the far left about how they’re gonna try to impeach Donald Trump and how he’s Adolf Hitler the far left is gonna look at this and say well you know impeach him anyway you got to get rid of him we know that he’s guilty no we don’t accept the Mueller probe findings or something like that and they’ll come out and rant and when the DNC when it proves that the neoliberals don’t have the balls to actually give them what they want all hell will break loose you got 15 20 percent of your political party breaking off of the rest of the party you will have Mavericks of chaos within you’ll have some people who will say shame on my own party this is not what the Democrats are meant to be we could stand up for you know what what’s good or virtuous which is bullshit but that’s what they’ll say you know you’ll get an Alexandria kzo Cortes or Bernie Sanders red in the face ranting in front of Congress and grandstanding and that will shame make the neoliberals shame face it and they won’t be but I mean what are they gonna do how are they gonna respond they got millions of people within their own party they’re pissed off at the meanwhile it will just embolden the further right now say I’ll look you know it was a witch-hunt all and then Trump wins because the Democrats can no longer launch any form of campaign because they’ll be too schismatic you know the best situation you’d have is you have some fucking Rust Belt business Democrat would come along and say well and I wasn’t even in office at the time gonna retire for 20 years they run me because at least don’t have baggage and it would be funny it would be hilarious I think that’s what the the pressure that he’s facing the other pressure of course would be to indict him but I mean there’s nothing you can indict him for what the fuck’s gonna happen watching all of these proceedings for now two fucking years of non-stop investigation has been hilarious to me because there are so many people early on when the Muller probe just barely began they’ll go ha we’re gonna get him see we knew there was Russian election interference what election interference you’ve got Nate silver of all people okay number one Hillary Clinton fan in the last election skewed his own polls and made himself look like an idiot just to take care of the fact didn’t sleep well at night looking at that maybe the the internal polls that he didn’t show you he’s kind of saying in a Russian election interference Russia pride played a very very slim to none role as far as the election went no it didn’t swing the election but there are people out there think so we’ve gotten to the point where there are a lot of liberals who are sitting there applauding like Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake getting the fucking Bush family and they sound so much like fucking neo-cons it’s like for years I was telling people you know like the neocons in the Republican Party I’m like these fucking so-called liberals and with corporate liberals and basically the same thing and people would scoff at it they’re like no no no they’re totally different look at this wedge issue that they drum up to differentiate themselves gay marriage abortion the tax rate being 38 percent versus 40 percent for some bracket or something and they would talk about that was like no no no 99 percent of the issues is basically the same thing on aren’t we seeing that now isn’t it a little bit like the curtain has been pulled back and there’s the blank wall at the back of the theater you know the bread and circuses starting to break down the little toys that are used to distract us or starting to grind to a halt here and we’re beginning to see how bad things really have been now there’s always hope for reform when you have it form of Trump the progressives want to reform things although I call it regressive ISM because they basically want to take us back to a very dark fistic period in world history but you do have you know young libertarians and stuff you do have different groups that have different ideas but what’s the uniting feature of all these groups that Leo liberal neocon core of the political structure hates them and does everything they can to use their multibillion-dollar media buddies and entertainment industry and all these others to suppress them you think that they like progressives you’re out to sea with no paddle it doesn’t make any sense why would they want to pay twice as much in taxes they get the Gumpert of the tax loopholes they actually have to pay some taxes be terrible for them you know they wouldn’t be able to afford 13 mansions they’d have to make do with 11 of them be terrible and be like being impoverished to them you know George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg people like that and plenty of people on the other side you know so Republicans the Rhinos the Jeff lakes of the party it’s very funny to see Pelosi continued to rent she’s dog whistling to the party loyal to the further left when it turns out that the Democratic Party is not capable of giving these people what they want all hell is going to break loose yeah Mueller by I feel sorry for Mila at this point I’m sure that he has people breathing down his neck constantly probably Pelosi is one of them saying don’t fucking don’t fuck this up if you can’t indict him you wait till after 2020 keep it hanging over his head please there’s a possibility that happens I expect it to end before that I don’t think that he’ll listen to them I think at some point he’s gonna throw up and say well I say face or you know my Democratic buddies do I’m just gonna save myself Mueller should save himself in that situation he doesn’t need to take one for the team trying to defend the Democratic Party and it’s very obvious I mean he’s fairly obviously a neoliberal partisan as well but I mean there’s gonna become a point there’s that there’s a limit to how much I think he’ll be willing to deal with I don’t expect Trump to be indicted I don’t expect him to be impeached and come to think of it remember he could get impeached but end up not getting kicked out of office go full Bill Clinton mode end up with higher approval afterwards because it’ll look like the neoliberals of waste of time they’re not going to gain any friends on the far left unless he’s removed from office there they’re gonna give easy talking points to even the the Rhino Khan Republicans even they’ll dogpile them to score cheap political points be funny it’d be a hilarious time it’d be exactly like post Monica Lewinsky with Bill Clinton that’s about all peace out