Pub baron millionaire Justin Hemmes seen bidding on a luxury mansion | Entertainment News

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Pub tycoon Justin hems has been seen that I am in at the auction for a six point $5 million mansion apparently vying to buy it for his former partner Kate Fowler [Music] hence forty five was one of seven registered bidders going after the luxury home in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Bellevue Hill on Saturday afternoon [Music] raising his paddle about ten times hands matched every raise until the eventual winner GDI Property Group founder Tony vu placed a $6 55 million bid I t’s understood that hems was hoping to buy the 5 bedroom home for Fowler 28 who is his ex girlfriend and mother to his two d…

Continue reading… hters the home was placed on the market by News Corporation boss Michael Miller with an asking price of $5 [Music] five million share this article share this price tag was quickly surmounted going on to be sold under the hammer for six million five hundred seventy five thousand dollars domain reports Vilas believed to have been buying on behalf of someone else as well in this instance his stepdaughter who is expecting her first child it’s believed Tam’s was purchasing the home for Fowler following their split in July [Music] at the time the millionaire confirmed the news to the Sydney Morning Herald telling the publication they now share a platonic relationship at the beginning of 2018 Kate and I decided our friendship and respect for family life would become the focus of our relationship he said we love our children dear