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All right everyone that Ebola epidemic that nobody but me seems to pay any attention to anymore it’s still still there Ebola is still going through the UN refused to declare it a global health emergency which I think will come back and potentially bite them in the ass because rebels literally like yesterday attacked another Ebola center outside in North Key who I believe in near the Tembo and they actually killed one of the doctors that was there now this keeps happening we what you’ve got is a situation for those you know that may not know because I can only talk about Ebola so many fucking t…

Continue reading… s and say the same things I’m a fucking times for those that don’t know there’s an Ebola epidemic right now in Northeast Congo and it’s near several other nation’s borders it has hit a major metropolitan area they’ve been deploying a vaccine that appears to work fairly well but the thing is there’s not nearly enough of it you’ve got millions and millions of people in the afflicted area if you can only vaccinate one or two percent of the population I guess it’s very good for the people that you’re testing the vaccine on in a live testing scenario everyone else is fucked they’ve also got a serum that appears not really to work so if we lowered the death toll by ten percent with this tobacco based serum well at least the whole world’s population won’t die if it goes fully airborne and it affects everyone at least some people would be left at this point some people probably wouldn’t think that was a good thing they’d be like Oh God what up rebels keep attacking shit there because what you have is a an intertribal sort of warfare scenario basically a civil war in this region and elsewhere in congo you’ve got as a corrupt government is cleaning the power people have been protesting rioting at times you’ve got rebel movement all across that part of the country in which these different groups are vying for control for territory and goods and so forth the problem is that that’s right in the Ebola zone the other problem is that there’s also a concurrent malaria epidemic because them got a shortage of anti malarial drugs and mosquito nets and everything else so the situation is very touch-and-go the problem is that the aid workers they want security they’re like well if we’re gonna operate in this zone it’s dangerous enough to be in an Ebola ward it’s more dangerous if rebels are shooting at it and it’s even more dangerous if crowd comes in rioting and attacking the Ebola Center because they think that we’re doing voodoo or something and unfortunately that’s been happening the world’s response was was shameful their response was to blame the aid workers said well you don’t need soldiers around you’re making people stress down you’re causing these attacks bull-fucking-shit these rebels were attacking things before the Ebola epidemic happened they don’t need any other stressors they just shot up an Ebola ward and killed one of the doctors inside they were probably targeting it deliberately they probably do it because out of a set of sense of superstition there are people there that believe hey the Ebola has been caused and promulgated by Westerners they came here and gave us Ebola they’re trying to kill all of the African people off or something there are people that believe that we need to get we need to get out of the ivory tower fucking mentality that a lot of Westerners have that everyone else in the world is quite as quite as knowledgeable about contagion as people who have you know 12 years of solid education or more we’ve got to get out of that sort of echo chamber bubble because it’s not doing us any justice instead what we have governments here try to shame the medical community for wanting topical security in an area where they could be attacked at any given time I knew you don’t think you’re driving one of these eight vans across you know shitty country anyway it’s like they’re all flooded dirt roads and stuff trying to get to the ward and then a bunch of gorillas come out of the woods and start shooting at you because they want the van know the medical equipment will sell that oh yeah we’ll take everything and meanwhile you got cut several Ebola patients in the back bleeding everywhere the rebels throw that open they don’t know what they’re sick with they just think I’m this sick fucking throw them by the side of the road or kill them or whatever it’s basically what happens so you’ve got a scenario where it’s things are from bad to worse it’s really not a whole lot of hope of containing it properly until people in the West get a little bit more serious about the situation the other part is there’s no real pressure there’s no grassroots pressure to take care of the problem the medical community knows it’s a problem but like the governments of the world and the international community the UN’s is up they only respond to a lot of grassroots pressure or to a lot of money there’s not a lot of money to be made in Ebola because of course until the last big epidemic or this one it was really on the back burner wise and now they know it can mutate more readily so I guess they freed up some money but it’s still slow going and there’s no grassroots pressure most people don’t even know about the Ebola epidemic happening the last time around when you know was ten thousand people affected and that they considered it a little bit more you’re getting up towards a thousand dead in this particular outbreak it is an epidemic it should be taken more seriously yeah nobody even talks about it they don’t even know it’s happening until that was the problem is until people know there’s a problem and start speaking out the international community doesn’t want to do anything until the international community says it’s a problem the media doesn’t talk about it and unless they talk about it the mainstream media is a lot of soccer-mom Americans and Westerners they won’t know what’s going on and so it’s sort of a closed spiral of preventing people from caring about the Ebola epidemic my problem is this we’ve got to stop thinking that the world is now I believe in having border security but that doesn’t really help as much with the disease you can do disease a disease screening for certain things I think it was a city of AIDS or something like that but it’s really gonna be hard with Ebola because it can jump a boarder very easily and it has in the last outbreak it traversed two different borders infected people in three different countries and then there was a corresponding outbreak in Congo of a different strain at the same time which could be the one we’re seeing now well certainly looks fairly infectious most of the time Ebola epidemics have not killed this many people it’s like yeah one village a couple dozen people died we quarantined it it burned itself out VM the Ebola is gone somebody pushed me it looks like it’s gone a little bit more epidemic these last few times and people they’re not taking it seriously and if it goes fully airborne if it has that one special one in a billion chance mutation the more people that get infected the higher the likelihood of that then all hell breaks loose it won’t be a few thousand people that it’ll be millions of people that may be billions yes it could go worldwide it could snuff out life all over the world now when the Spanish flu comes it infected places like fucking people in Greenland we’re getting in shit yeah how much trade and travel did they have is like the Black Plague all over again you know tens of millions of people all over the world Keeling over can you even imagine something with a 50% decorated you got a town of 10,000 people you’ve got a very four or five thousand people shit you won’t even be able to bear everyone you’ll have to do what they did during the Black Plague they took the Seine and they made consecrated so you just dump the bodies in the river not to immolate people they’ll be burning vials and piles of bodies they’ll have like the corpse collectors will be ringing their little bells in the most literal sense in urban areas if that happens you know yeah moaning you have one apartment building you have thousands of people living in it and then each morning as five or six bodies stacked outside yeah I’m sure that would be very very good for now a culture is all around the world that’s about all