Reporter News TV – Attention-seeking Great Dane snuggles up to his owner on sofa | Entertainment News

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This is the hilarious moment an attention hungry Great Dane lies on top of its owner as he tries to watch TV the clip shows the black dog who is the same size as its owner leaping on to the sofa and taking up a rather inconvenient position [Music] trying to have a cuddle the dog enjoys his unimpressed owner by cozying up to him on the couch while he tries to concentrate on the TV [Music] attempting to get comfortable the friendly dog switches positions every few seconds the friendly Great Dane tries it’s best to find the most comfortable stop but his owner looks less than impressed [Music] shar…

Continue reading… his article share he then flops his head next to his owners and looks up at him with longing eyes after a while his owner gives the big dog a nudge with his elbow however the canine seems intent on staying put [Music] he puts his head over the man completely blocking his view of the TV much to his annoyance [Music] some the owner is forced to sit up as he