Reporter News TV – Australian woman, 27, sexually assaulted while walking home in NY | Entertainment News

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An Australian woman living in New York was grabbed from behind pushed to the ground and sexually assaulted in Brooklyn on Thursday morning the woman 27 was walking home about 2.15 a.m. when she was grabbed on the sidewalk near Richardson Street and Kingsland Avenue in Williamsburg police say [Music] surveillance video from the terrifying assault shows the woman trying to fight off her attacker but to no avail [Music] after the man grabs her he is seen pushing her against a wall police say he removed her underwear and tried to rape her after she kicked him he pushes her down onto the ground an…

Continue reading… ouches her inappropriately [Music] the man eventually fled the scene headed eastbound on Richardson Street in a dark-colored sedan the woman who has lived in the city for only four months walked about a mile and a half to four kilometers to the NYPD’s 90th precinct to report the assault share this article share from there she was taken to with Mo Medical Center in a stable condition [Music] police were seen patrolling the