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A Brazilian man who had just been released from prison for sexually assaulting his sister-in-law is now being hunted for the deadly stabbing of his 13 year old daughter [Music] her Accio Nazareno Lucas 28 was arrested on June 4 the 2012 sexual assault of his mentally ill sister-in-law as police in this small town of male ask were escorting him to jail his daughter Leticia tansy lupus broke her silence and told officers about how she too allegedly suffered at his hands [Music] on Wednesday morning he tried to get his daughter to recant her story but when she refused he stabbed her to death in…

Continue reading… ont of his six-year-old son and escaped the family home she was varied Thursday morning during an emotional ceremony attended by over 100 people [Music] according to police reports obtained by Brazilian outlet j1 the family was advised to file another report into the alleged sexual assault claims being made by the daughter [Music] Lucas eventually was sentenced to eight years in prison for the rape of his wife’s sister and was jailed in July [Music] however after participating in the investigation over his daughters allegations a Brazilian Court freed him Tuesday so that he could appeal his case according to peruvian media outlet la Republica the enraged father of two showed up around dawn Wednesday looking forward to persuading his wife and daughter to withdraw the charges [Music] his mother who was unnamed in a report by g1 revealed Lucas was calm but became upset when the teenage girl refused talk and her mind he wanted her to lie to her to tell her that he had not done anything to her his mother claimed [Music]