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Cambridge tourism bosses are too encouraging problem Chinese tourists to visit the city in smaller groups in order to curb congestion in its narrow streets [Music] thousands of Chinese tourists are drawn to the city each year to see its sights such as Cambridge University [Music] visit cambridge and beyond the city’s official tourism service has said that large groups of up to 50 people are making parts of the famous university town impassable [Music] the tourism body said it was developing strategies to combat the potential problems of over tourism in the city including insisting on splitting touri…

Continue reading… into smaller groups while the city’s council is examining ways to reduce coach congestion Emma Thornton’s CEO of visit Cambridge and Beyond said that many visitors particularly those from China arriving large groups miss Thornton’s said that if you have 50 people standing in front of Kings College at any one time it’s a problem she added we’re aware that this is a concern for those living and working locally and that it affects their enjoyment of the city center [Music] we’re developing a plan to try to influence tour groups pre-arrival to change this behavior for example by getting them to use our official tours instead so that we can break up these large groups to help mitigate any negative impact on the city Chinese tourists also flocked to see a poem by former Cambridge University student is a giant mole inscribed on a tree in the grounds of king’s college which was built in the 15th century [Music] share the particle share according to visit wiki there were an average of 17,000 overnight stays in Cambridge by Chinese visitors between 2015 and 2017 and the latest figures available state the 267,000 day visitors came in 2016 one counselor from the area Rosie Moore said Cambridge’s at risk of being submerged by visitors and needs to provide such high numbers confirming [Music] mrs. Moore executive for environmental services and city center at Cambridge City Council said we have a lot of Chinese visitors coming to the city she said the local authority and partners were looking at ways to lessen any negative impacts of large tourist groups on locals [Music] Cllr more added if there are large numbers of tour groups walking around it can be frustrating for residents one of the suggests that