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Marquis Brown 21 jumped 16 stories to his death Thursday night a college football player has jumped 16 stories to his death while after police responded to a disturbance in his halls [Music] Marquis Brown 21 died Thursday night after jumping from a dorm window when campus police arrived at around 10:00 thirty PM brown a junior running back at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was in critical condition after the fall and taken to Mercy Hospital [Music] he was later pronounced dead Pittsburgh officials say campus police were questioning Brown in broad ear Hall in response to an altercat…

Continue reading… on the 16th floor when he jumped it is with great sadness that I report that we had a tragedy on campus last night Duquesne University president Ken Gormley said in a message sent to students and staff [Music] his death came just days before the university’s homecoming game got head football coach Jerry Schmidt said the team met and decided that the best way to honor JB’s memory is to play Saturday’s game as scheduled [Music] share this article share we left the decision purely up to the team and made it clear that we would support them whether they chose to play or not he said in a statement [Music] a friend of Browns and fellow student Eric Williams jr. said he saw him minutes before he jumped [Music] I just had saw him before I left to go to broad ear he was at my apartment I just saw him