Reporter News TV – Couple making $215,000 a year say it’s not ENOUGH to live on | Entertainment News

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A couple who learned two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars collectively have claimed it is not enough to live on dot Brittany and Alex from Queensland said despite earning $100,000 more than the average Australian it is not enough to sustain their lifestyle the couple from Townsville said their biggest expense is their eight-year-old son schooling which is eight hundred and sixty six dollars a month personal loans as well as transport [Music] everyone has different circumstances but we do not live a life of luxury there’s no big holidays or boats or houses Alex told News [Music] calm dava…

Continue reading… im $80,000 net and my wife is $75,000 net which doesn’t feel like a huge income and we aren’t able to save much at all only around five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars each year Alex said the young family said they can only save just under six thousand dollars a year and are sucked dry from their one hundred thousand dollar loan share this article share we paid $1,000 each fortnight for the personal loan he added the loan includes the cars PMO and some holidays [Music] despite a working towards a comfortable lifestyle the couple aren’t able to afford a deposit for their dream house [Music] it’s a five-bedroom house with a pool on the golf course but we can’t afford to buy we don’t even have a deposit while we would like to one day we don’t know where to cut expenses the financial manager said in their monthly expenses Alex and Brittany shell out three hundred and twenty two dollars and eighty three cents on piano and recorder lessons for their Sonia they also spend a grand total of two hundred and twenty eight dollars and 33 cents on tennis dancing and swimming as well as one thousand and eighty three dollars [Music] 33 on entertainment the average Australian earns just under 110,000 dollars per annum but some are only earning a $23,000 each year the McBride Ville Research said according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics personal loans have gone up 6