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John McFarlane pictured killed Mary Griffiths in front of her three daughters the murder of a wonderful mother by a stalker slaughterman cannot be blamed on police a top judge has ruled fitness instructor Mary Griffiths was shot dead by John McFarland in front of her three daughters at her home in Berry’s st. Edmund’s on May 6 2009 her children claimed their mother’s phone call to police the day before on May 5th should have been greeted as an emergency and that police should have responded that very night instead it was graded as a lower priority and although police pledged to visit her home o…

Continue reading… ay 6 it was too late [Music] MacFarlane broke into her home with an ax and killed her with a captive bolt gun taken from the farm where he worked [Music] these guns are used primarily to stun animals prior to slaughter in the telephone call to police the 38 year old had told an operator that McFarlane was the back to her and she was really frightened of him her daughters Jessica 23 Hannah 20 and Sophie 19 sue the Chief Constable of Suffolk police Gareth Wilson for damages at London’s High Court [Music] however their hopes of compensation with today dashed after mr. justice Oxley said police were unaware that Miss Griffiths was at risk of serious harm share this article share there was clearly a risk of harassment and stalking and of unwanted presence at Miss Griffiths home of which Suffolk police knew on May 5th he said [Music] but there was nothing to suggest that it was an imminent risk against which measures were required that night when an infinite man 5ms griffiths thankful call to police was only grade of his requiring a response within four hours and the operators that an officer would attend later that evening the police control room contacted her later that night and the operator asked Miss Griffiths if it would be possible in view of resources available to the police if an officer could attend the following day miss Griffiths said that would be fine an officers had not attended by 2:40 a.m. on May 6th when McFarlane smashed his way into her home [Music] he dragged her into the street and shot her a number of times with the bolt gun in the presence of her children the judge said [Music] he had attempted suicide on May 2nd by trying to hang himself from a beam in a barn on a farm where he worked as a slaughterman his mental condition had been assessed at hospital the following day and a decision was taken not to compulsorily admit him the sisters also blamed mental health professionals for their mother’s death claiming McFarland should never have been at large despite those the judge rejected claims that McFarland was so disturbed that he should have been admitted to hospital three days before the killing [Music] medics at the Norfolk intrepid NHS Foundation Trust had also been under no duty to warn the police and miss Griffiths that he posed of danger [Music]