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The ex-wife of suspended Cubs shortstop Addison Russell broke down in tears while speaking in a sit-down interview this week when she recalled painful memories from her abusive relationship with the pro baseball player [Music] Major League Baseball announced Wednesday the infielder has been banned from 40 games following formal investigation into his former lover Melissa Rudy’s domestic violence claims during their 19 month marriage [Music] commissioner Rob Manfred announced the suspension and said Russell’s unpaid leave also includes 11 of regular season games he was a no-show for after being…

Continue reading… aced on administrative leave in September Russel is eligible to return to the team come mate given there are no postponement he is required to take part in an evaluation and treatment program Riggi who has a toddler aged son with the baseball player subbed while speaking to wgn-tv this week when recalled her overwhelming feeling of relief when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series I remember when he had a home run with his streak when he finally broke it I was bawling in the stands three d said but the tears were not from happiness [Music] everyone thought I was crying because I was happy but I was crying because I was just relieved but I didn’t have to deal with him being in a bad mood and she said thank God I don’t have to expect him to be grumpy when we go back to the hotel she recalled from that day [Music] the beginning of the couple’s relationship was beautiful despite the red flags Reedy said were there one of the red flags she said was that another woman was pregnant with his child at the time the two fell in love still she was enamored with Russell and loved the sparks she felt when she was with him I was like wow I feel like I met my soul mate she said in the interview as she remembered the good times with a smile I don’t think I’ve ever clicked with anybody like that so quick it was awesome Reidy added that their personalities seemed to be compatible and they were both family-oriented it wasn’t long before really became pregnant with Russell’s second child in 2015 but the couple then tied the knot about ten months before the World Series in 2016 [Music] by that point Russell had become very controlling and abusive emotionally verbally and physically I’ve actually tried to break it off numerous times he would reassure me Melissa no it’s not like that I love you and you’re the one I want I promise we’re gonna be fine we’re gonna get through this [Music] readings off again when she recalled the time Russell was abusive to her while he had been holding their child in his arms he had Aiden in his arms so it was really scary and I didn’t know what to do she pried I didn’t tell anybody and then I made excuses I just kept making excuses she said he also controlled her with money and refused to help her financially when she needed it most [Music] there were a couple times when I had to ask my mom to transfer me money until he was over his little power trip she spoke