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Vladimir Putin’s bungling spies were unmasked an FBI wanted posters yesterday dr. bureau named eight Kremlin agents including the bundling for strong hate gang accused of cyber attacks targeting the US and Britain it came as the Russian president faced further humiliation over his dumb bond spies last night after the spies caught in Holland in April inadvertently added another 300 Kremlin agents spy agencies around the world now have a database of Russian cyber spies because two of the men caught in the hay had diplomatic passports using their real names and dates of birth investigative website fel…

Continue reading… cat which exposed the true identity of one of the South’s very mo by chalk assassins check cave hacker Alexei Moore and it’s name against a public register of car ownership in Russia his Lauda’s registered address is military unit 26,000 165 which houses the kremlin cyber warfare department [Music] in one of the worst intelligence breaches in recent history it turns out there are three hundred and five other cars registered to that address the list of GRU spice includes their names dates of birth passport details and even their mobile phone numbers unmasking putin’s supposedly elite cyberattack unit more nets was further embarrassed when it was revealed his profile picture on a dating website showed him in front of the GRU headquarters in Moscow [Music] it comes a day after authorities named for GRU officers caught red-handed in The Hague outside the headquarters of the world’s chemical weapons watchdog as it investigated the Salisbury poisonings [Music] adding to putin’s woes last night the kremlin dismissed all the allegations and anti-russian prejudice [Music] Putin’s spokesman said Britain and its allies making the claims were obsessed with hysteria by mania and Rousseau phobia [Music] Putin’s team of four done bonds caught in The Hague were noticed by Dutch intelligence the moment they landed in Amsterdam mi6 was tipped off and a joint British and Dutch spy team shadowed them watching them sitting in their hire car outside the headquarters of the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons