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A massive blaze at a fireworks factory has sent bright colorful explosions into the sky in northeast China the factory and storage facility in Dalian pre Helmand province caught fire at around 5 p.m. local time on Monday filling the sky with an impressive display [Music] no injuries have been reported so far according to Chinese media share this article share video footage shows fireworks propelling in various directions above the warehouse and pule andean district amid billowing smoke [Music] loud bangs and popping noises were heard as the blaze intensified sending streaks of bright colors …

Continue reading… o the air instead of running for cover many residents were seen taking videos and photos of the dramatic scene police officers cordoned off the scene and evacuated the area the blaze lasted for more than two hours and was finally put out by firefighters at 7:30 p.m. according to daily and evening news witnesses said several parked cars nearby suffered some damage while debris in broken grass were seen strewn across the factory grounds the cause of the fire is being investigated according to the report [Music]