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The first woman to lead insurance giant Lloyd’s of London has revealed she suffered sexist and homophobic abuse when she took the job Dame Inga Vale 55 who is leaving one of the city’s most powerful jobs after five years said some of the sick abuse had come from male financiers in one letter sent to bail who is bisexual she was reportedly told you don’t deserve to be on the planet you should go and die [Music] Dale who will be replaced by former Australian Insurance Chief John Neal said women who reach top jobs knew that a man would succeed them the Sunday Times reported [Music] what is Lloyd’…

Continue reading… f London Lloyd’s of London founded in 1686 is an insurance market which plays a major role in insuring insurance companies the organisation had its origins in the 17th and 18th centuries providing shipping insurance during the American Revolutionary War and Napoleonic Wars [Music] its current headquarters are on Lime Street in the city of London more than 50 insurance firms and over 200 Lloyd’s brokers are part of its insurance market [Music] it is not an insurance company itself but shares risk with other players in the market [Music] Lawrence tumbled 2 billion pounds into the red last year when insurers were hit by mammoth bills following hurricanes in the Caribbean and Florida earthquakes in Mexico and wildfires in California [Music] prophets have this year with bail saying it was starting to emerge from one of the costliest years for natural catastrophes in the past decade it announced lambs for Brussels as the location of its Postgres to be used subsidiary last year and had its license approved in May the 55 year old a diversity campaigner who came out as bisexual in 2008 was paid 1 pound 3 M last year taking her earnings since becoming chief executive to pound 5.9 M she said anonymous messages were sent to the chairman about me and some emails and letters were sent directly to me they were rude sexist and homophobic my way of coping was immediately to delete the emails and throw away the letters so it didn’t prevent me from moving forward [Music] mail city workers would comment in surprise terms when they hired a woman to a top job and she performed well bale said she said female CEOs were pretty certain they would be replaced by a man because companies would think we’ve done that by appointing one woman [Music] bail is the only woman to have run Lloyds of London since it was founded in 1686 [Music]