Reporter News TV – Florida woman filmed shooting at a car reveals it a HOAX | Entertainment News

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A Florida woman fighting for internet fame through a fake viral video of her shooting her cheating boyfriend with her son in the car has gotten the attention of police the woman who goes by smiley on Instagram and number viral was the star of a staged viral video clip that showed her with bright green hair approaching her boyfriends car with a gun in hand where her son and another woman were inside [Music] her friend films as smiley fires once and appears to strike her boyfriend dead before running off with her son the [Music] video clip was posted online and viewed more than 2.7 million tim…

Continue reading… already miami-dade police – our possible homicide the online actress now insists the video with States is authorities threatening to take away her son it’s under investigation MDPD spokesman Chris Thomas told below in Kerala grass food [Music] we are trying to find out if it’s legitimate or not we don’t know by Friday afternoon smiley showed up to the police station but with a red wig to prove she did not real not really shoot the man in the video in an alley deleted Instagram post she claimed the police were threatening to take her son away if she did not prove her boyfriend in the video was alive [Music] it’s called master facting thank you I know I’m good at it she said in the video the feds Ynez got involved and they trying to snatch my son and I got 24 hours to let these people know he alive she said while urging her 36,000 followers to tag the man in the video [Music] the man refers to himself as mr. viral and says in his Instagram bio values and actually the initial viral video starts with smiley driving and her friend filming from the passenger seat [Music] she’s clearly enraged and goes on a profanity-laden rant about achieving boyfriend and father to her child I just seen my homegirl in the car with him and you got my son and she says in the staged video