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Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt has split from her eight years younger second husband and sources tell Daily Mail comets all over a long-ago affair he had with one of her best friends Dottie ur heart a favorite of Donald Trump has been living apart from her husband former Clemson starting quarterback will Proctor for months sources say [Music] the couple share two year old daughter Hayden who turns three next month and who your heart is regularly spoken about on the fox news show [Music] she and Proctor now both have their own apartment in buildings on New York’s Upper East Side just 12 bl…

Continue reading… s from each other [Music] Earheart 42 who regularly stresses her Christian faith confirmed the split in an exclusive statement to Daily Mail [Music] Tom but she did not say whether either side is filed for divorce not after much prior and careful consideration will and I have separated she said in her statement I am grateful to Fox for their support and allowing me to spend all day every day after the morning show with my child I am fully committed to parenting then doing what is always best for my darling little girl and would appreciate privacy and prayers during this difficult time [Music] daily reached out several times to proctor a private credit investment advisor at the new york financial firm Neuberger Berman but it did not respond sources close to Earhardt say the couple split after trying for years to piece their marriage back together following her husband’s affair [Music] it was all the more devastating for Ainslie battery cheated with someone who she considered one of her closest friends before space any marriage breakup is difficult but this made it extra here torn chain for her [Music] she has evidence that proves the affair the source added although she would not go into what that evidence is the couple met on a blind date and married in Proctor’s hometown of Winter Park Florida in 2012 three years after Earhart divorced her highschool sweethearts Kevin makini whom she had married in 2005 in San Antonio Texas [Music] the couple were regularly pictured together at social events but in recent months Earhardt has dropped any mention of her husband when she celebrated her September 20 birthday on-air with Fox and Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade his name was never brought up instead Earhart’s said her sister teacher Elise who lives in Charleston South Carolina was helping her raised Haden and in a profile with Elle magazine in August he was similarly airbrushed out of her life even in the piece she did with my morning routine in which she detailed her life from the moment she got up she neither said anything nor was she asked about her husband [Music] I wake up around 3:00 a.m. when my alarm goes off and I snooze for a few minutes when I finally roll out of bed I check the baby monitor to make sure that Hayden my daughter is okay she said [Music] after I get up I get ready and go into the kitchen before I leave to grab either a cup of coffee or a glass of water I make sure to get all my ducks in a row before I head out the door and go to work on my way to work I read my Jesus calling daily devotion and putting earbuds in to listen to him [Applause] once I’d read my devotion I read through what’s coming up on the show one more time because I’ve studied it the night before at night she said she likes to go to bed around 9:00 p.m. but that never happens my daughter likes to stay up as late as possible she gets that from me I’m a night owl and I love alone time when the house is finally quiet dadier heart suffered what l called a wrenching miscarriage before her successful pregnancy now friends say her life revolves around her daughter and her faith dot not every time I call her she has to put the phone down to get something for Haven one friend said [Music] sources in the apartment building where Proctor lives say they often see him with his daughter [Music] Earheart made her name on fox news reporting her Ainsley across America’s segment for Network star Sean Hannity after joining the network in 2007 [Music] she then joined the new show Fox and Friends first and learned she had cut her current job while on maternity leave after having Hayden [Music] she joins the show on a day before Super Tuesday when Trump effectively locked up the Republican nomination for president