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Duarte xaviar pictured 34 would trick men into thinking he was a woman by getting them to wear a blindfold during sex a bearded gay man who tricked four straight men into having sex with him by posing as a woman and covering their eyes with a blindfold has today been convicted of six sex crimes [Music] depraved parte Xavier 34 would trawl Lonelyhearts sites masquerading as Anna where he would chat to scores of straight men [Music] the Rosewood begin with xaviar sending saucy photos to the men fooling them into falling for his online persona [Music] when they agreed to meet up and a set a series o…

Continue reading… onditions they had to abide by including a stipulation that they wear a blindfold throughout the liaison Xavier’s first victim a 45 year old man agreed to a hookup that Anna’s flat on February 17 2016 and obligingly covered his eyes once he set foot in the bedroom [Music] he realized something was wrong when they began having sex and was horrified when he whipped off the blindfold and saw Xavier the enraged victim stormed out and later received a text from Xavier reading I got a mental health problem sorry [Music] on October 15 2017 a 29 year old man messaged Anna Xavier then told the man she was a recently single female looking for a bit of fun the pair traded flirty messages over web South and the oblivious victim arranged to meet for sex in a once worth flat hours after they chatted in a video call when he arrived he heard what he thought was a female voice saying stay there don’t take off and don’t move the mask [Music] someone then crept up behind him and pulled the blindfold tighter Kingston Crown Court heard [Music] he was light into another room where anta began performing a sex act but the brief encounter ended with disgust when he too removed the face covering [Music] xaviar sent a series of messages to his victims pleading a misunderstanding but continued to pester them for oral sex that victim reported the incident to police and Xavier was arrested on October 16th 2017 on suspicion of causing sexual activity with a person without consent [Music] but he was released under investigation share this article share a number of mobile phones and masks were also seized [Music] the third incident took place on April 4th this year when 35 year-old and alert another man to her darkened flat where she claimed to be concealing her identity so as not to take off her husband to the fact she was having an affair as the victim went upstairs he felt a person grab him and pull his trousers down and throw a pillowcase over his head [Music] he asked for confirmation the person he had been talking to was really a woman but Ana told him no and began performing a sex act [Music] but the suspicious date used his phone torch to check and was so horrified he marched straight up to call the police [Music] xaviar was again arrested this time on suspicion of sexual assault and later charged with two counts of causing a male aged 13 or over in a penetrative sexual activity and sexual assault [Music] Zab beers pictured crimes have been labeled unique and their depravity by police investigating the crimes he was remanded and later bailed at Wimbledon Magistrates Court [Music] his fourth victim was only identified by police after reviewing phone records from seized mobile phones the 29 year old had been too humiliated to tell anyone of the encounter dot following their introduction in December 2016 and I explained that she was looking for a roleplay experience where the victim would be blindfolded both parties exchanged pictures and videos and agreed to meet Ana address before she claimed her landlady would be home and they must meet elsewhere [Music] Anna told the victim they would meet in King George’s Park in one floor at around 7 p.m. on December 5th [Music] despite chatting in a video called and phoning to check he was heading the right way the man had no reason to suspect Anna was actually a man he went to the agreed spot a secluded area when Anna arrived and performed a sexual act on him before they had sets [Music] an event left and the victim remained entirely unaware he had just had sex with Xavier whatsapp records of conversations between the pair revealed that the victim had not realized what had happened and at no point did savior