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Ramon Alberto Escobar 47 is charged with four counts of murder in Los Angeles a homeless man has spoken out about surviving a vicious beating that police say is the work of an accused serial killer who was living in the you s illegally dot salaam as he asked to be called revealed details of how he survived the September 22 attack in a Los Angles homeless encampment in an interview on Monday with Fox lop two days after Salam was beaten El Salvadoran national Ramon Alberto Escobar 47 was arrested and charged with four counts of murder and other charges [Music] he didn’t come up and introduce himse…

Continue reading… he just came and tried to blend in with us and to me that was a red flag like a no no salaam recalled of seeing the Escobar’s at a homeless encampment near Venice Boulevard and globe Avenue [Music] salaam said he was in his tent at this Venice Boulevard homeless encampment when Escobar attacked him with a pair of bolt cutters beating him in the head file photo police shared this surveillance photo as they flocked the suspect in attacks on the homeless Escobar was arrested on September 24th when he was picked up near the last attack Salaam a former barber who was down on his luck said he was in his tent under the overpass when Escobar began beating him in the head with a pair of heavy bolt cutters [Music] got clobbered in the head with something heavy and hard and all I could feel was the blood just ripping cause I was bending down and the blood was dripping into my eyes and the blows just kept coming Selam were called once I realized he was trying to kill me it was life this is it he said doc salon woke up in intensive care with a skull fracture dashes and other broken bones [Music] I don’t know how I survived that blows to the head with bolt cutters you just hidden agenda point a fuse box alarm says it was a serial killer I was facing this guy’s our murderer a crazy one dot salams that he was working toward getting his life together to get off the streets and his narrow faced with crushing medical bills his family has set up a Goffin page to help pay for his medical treatment salaam faces crushing medical bills after his hospitalization and has set up a golfing page salaam is seen on monday a little more than two weeks after he was attacked in his tent escobar as a convicted felon who has been deep ported from the US x times he was arrested two days after Salaam was attacked when police were investigating the scene of another bolt-cutter beating of a homeless man who later died of his injuries [Music] Escobar was spotted near the scene and matched the suspect description including a bowlegged date police said they found a baseball bat in his car that is tied to previous attacks three of the murders Escobar is charged with were homeless man the fourth murder victim there