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Shocking dashcam footage has captured the horrifying moment a car attempting a risky overtake crashed head-on with an oncoming bus on a freeway the footage shows the car attempting to overtake the candor van on Indian Ocean Drive in milchin on September 25th before it crashed into the oncoming bus in the video the car swerves into the opposite lane while trying to overtake the campervan before attempting to drop back as the bus appears in its path [Music] the car edges towards rear of the can Durbin before it swerves straight into the direction of the oncoming bus and a voice can be heard saying oh…

Continue reading… god the car then swerved sharply to the right but the bus also moves in the same direction and the two vehicles collided on as the bus plows into the front left-hand side of the Toyota Corolla the car spins sideways and the bus shakes as its driver regains control of the vehicle [Music] share this article share the RAC Rescue Helicopter and ambulance services were called to the scene but surprisingly no one was injured in the collision the West Australian reported [Music] the 26 year old driver of the Toyota Corolla also had two passengers in their 50s in the car with her at the time of the accident [Music] Police Commissioner Chris Dobson said while speed and alcohol were causal factors in the accident those in the car were lucky to survive [Music]