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French police have launched an investigation after the Director of International Police Agency Interpol vanished last month men hungry 64 was last seen by his wife in late September when he left their home in Lyon where Interpol is based to travel to China [Music] a police source said he left the country on September 29th and he definitely did not disappear in France [Music] Interpol said it was aware of reports of the alleged disappearance of its president and said the issue was a matter for France and China in a statement it said this is a matter for the relevant authorities in both France and …

Continue reading… na [Music] the organization added that the secretary-general not men was responsible for the day-to-day running of Interpol [Music] share this article share men became the first Chinese citizen to be elected as president of Interpol in November 2016 when he replaced French police officer Miri Bayliss Frazee men’s term is due to run until 2020 at the time his appointment raised fears among human rights organizations such as Amnesty International that he would be used by the Chinese government to pursue political dissidents who fled the country in 2014 China worked through Interpol to issue notices for 100 Chinese corruption suspects who fled abroad [Music] men has held many senior positions in Chinese government since entering politics in 1972 [Music]