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A gardener was spurred on to make a record-breaking pumpkin weighing nearly 70 stone after his first effort was labeled pathetic by his own mother Richard was super 66 made it his mission to try and grow the biggest pumpkin he could in 2011 and created one tipping the scales at 11 stone and 8 pounds we entered it into a competition but his mother Elaine masseur 93 told him his entry was rubbish after it was dwarfed by a competitor’s 35 stone monster the growers spent nearly a decade honing his craft and has now smashed the record by nearly double for the biggest pumpkin growing on the Channe…

Continue reading… sland of Jersey his creation weighing and officially at 69 stone and 9 pounds were so large he needed a forklift to transported to the Royal Jersey agricultural society show [Music] Richard a retired builder from Jersey said I happened to grow one it was 165 pounds and I thought it was quite good so I put it in the show and went on holiday [Music] when I came back my mum said it was pathetic the local record was 500 pounds that year [Music] it was like a red rag to a bull share this article share I kept growing age learning every year and this year the weather was perfect [Music] it was growing at 28 pounds a day it was growing right in the day during the time when you couldn’t sleep under your sheets the 1,000 pounds mark has to be beaten out dark richard said there is no hidden trick to grow in such a big pumpkin apart from taking the care to get everything done properly [Music]