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The Duchess of Cambridge demonstrated her arty streak yesterday when she was asked to contribute to a painting Caden Prince William were at a mental health summit when they were introduced to Columbia born contemporary artist IRA Vargas who was painting a piece inspired by the event [Music] he chatted to the couple before asking if they wanted to add their own touch to the six feet by 6 feet artwork titled someone to turn to [Music] William immediately demurred and pushed Kate forward saying my wife she’s the arty one kate 36 who studied history with art of st. Andrews where she first met her …

Continue reading… band laughed and took the brush from mr. Vargas asking him where can you hide it mr. Vargas pointed to a shoulder area and Kate made a rush trip as William joke it’s almost ruined the picture [Music] the Duke and Duchess were attending the first global ministerial mental health summit in London which have been hosted by the government and the Organization for Economic company operation and development [Music] share this article share the summit seize political figures academics and policymakers from around the world meet to discuss issues surrounding the stigma of mental health and how to better address them [Music] William also 36 was later persuaded to take his turn with the paintbrush does it matter where I go he asked you are alive