Reporter News TV – Louisiana man tells cops ‘a ghost planted meth on his nightstand’ | Entertainment News

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Michael Lawton very 59 was arrested in West Monroe Louisiana on Wednesday after he allegedly called 911 to report that he’d been stabbed in the head and was then found to have meth in his bedroom which he claimed was planted by a ghost a Louisiana man has been arrested after police say he called 9-1-1 to report a stabbing and was then found to have meth in his home which he told police was planted by a ghost [Music] Michael Lawton berry 59 called police on Wednesday to report that he had been stabbed in the head by an axe when officers arrived at his home in West Monroe they quickly determined tha…

Continue reading… ften berry had not actually been stabbed according to arrest records the 59 year old reportedly began cursing at the officers and people who were obviously not there claiming that there were intruders in the house [Music] officers put an agitated Upton very in handcuffs to try to calm him down before sweeping the house and finding an open brown paper bag with a gram of suspected methamphetamine in plain sight on his nightstand upon searching his person they found a pill bottle with another gram of meth share this article share after the drugs were discovered often very quickly offered an excuse police say [Music] according to the arrest warrant michael stated ghosts or intruders placed the methamphetamine on him then stated they were currently climbing out the window which was not accurate [Music] Otten Barry was arrest