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A man has built his own wood-fired hot tub using just clay rocks and fire on his land in queensland australia john plant runs a long tube channel called primitive technology where he demonstrates making buildings and tools using only materials from the wild [Music] plant who is believed to be in his mid 30s regularly posts videos of himself building different structures using rudimentary tools to make pyramids dams and houses and tree trunks [Music] he explains on his blog he builds completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials only using what he can source from his natural envi…

Continue reading… ment such as plant materials clay soil and varnish begins his outdoor hot tub by lap and yard around the circumference of his structure by placing rocks on the ground [Music] he then builds on the rocks using the mud to stick them together share this article share using his hands to mold the clay rocks together the adventurer forms a tough shape which he builds a small pit to make a fire in to heat the water he places the sticks in the pit and and sets them on fire and his reef eric keeps the impressive structure he pours water inside [Music] we then see him demonstrated himself by getting inside and taking a well-deserved soak the video