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A wheelchair-bound man was booted out a clothing store after being told his mode of transport was too big despite him shopping there without a shoe previously [Music] MTS’s these felt humiliated after being asked to leave best Martin lieutenant Yoo Hoo South Auckland where he was shopping for shirts with his sister on Tuesday morning mr. Aziz was startled when the shop owner approached and ordered him to get out get out get out while pointing towards the expert I felt humiliated and embarrassed also feel like I was not wanted he told Daily Mail Australia the 36 year olds that other staff tol…

Continue reading… im the aisles were too narrow for his wheelchair a plain Eden on a different piece of city’s elite inside [Music] share this article share I have been in that shop before nothing happened [Music] the shop is not small it is big and my wheelchair is not huge it can fit easily inside heat old stuff mr. Aziz said the experience left him feeling down so he complained to the Human Rights Commission and requested an apology from the store best mark claimed it asked mr. as used to leave because it had recently been targeted by feets using wheelchairs to put the items and exit the store undetected there’s always someone pushing a wheelchair who’ve come here to steal the female shop owner said adding she doesn’t want those people to come