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A young man is fighting for life after a vicious one-punch attack got the alleged blow occurred late on Saturday night in front of a Perth bar after the victim and his brother got into an argument with another patron [Music] the victim was punched in the jaw and hit his head on the pavement thought the man and his brother were leaving the pub when they were confronted by the alleged attacker [Music] after a short shouting match the one punch attack connected leaving the victim sprawled on the sidewalk [Music] the alleged attacker ran from the bar with a friend of the victim chasing him share…

Continue reading… is article share the man almost caught up with him before the accused assailant took a swipe at him and fled [Music] paramedics tended to the victim out the front of the King Street pub but they eventually rushed him to Royal Perth Hospital for serious head injuries where he remains in a critical condition [Music] police are hunting the alleged attacker releasing CCTV footage of a man they believe can help with their inquiries [Music] the man is believed to be around 20 to 25 years of age slim and medium build with short dark hair [Music] he was wearing a lot