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Britain is facing a growing threat from extreme right-wing terrorism which has surged in the wake of last year’s attacks on London and Manchester Britain’s terror watchdog today warned [Music] max Hale QC Britain’s independent reviewer of terror legislation said the threat now posed by far-right fanatics is considerable he also revealed that the number of terror arrests surged last year as Britain was struck by four deadly attacks [Music] his annual report lays bare the sheer scale of the violent threat which lurks on Britain’s streets mr. booth says the threat we face from extreme right-wing terr…

Continue reading… sm within the UK is considerable and in my clear view it is grown in reaction to the terrorist atrocities on Westminster Bridge London Bridge and at Manchester a million last minute [Music] terrorism takes many forms extreme right-wing ideology breeds terrorism and must be dealt with comprehensively [Music] share this article share he also revealed that the number of terror arrests surged last year rising from 261 in 2016 to 412 and 2017 Britain was hit by five major terror attacks last year causing carnage which killed dozens and injuring many more the year of bloodshed began on March 22nd last year when colleague Masoud struck at the heart of British democracy the House of permanent he drove a higher car across Westminster Bridge killing four pedestrians on the pavement and injuring dozens more he then left out of his crashed car and ran into Parliament where he stabbed to death police officer Keith Palmer [Music]