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She has built up a reputation for being rather reserved doc but Melania trunk shocked onlookers during her solo tour of Africa by dropping her guard and dancing with children in Kenya the first lady 48 was pictured being unusually tactile with the bright and bubbly kids from the nest Children’s Home in Lemieux Road [Music] then the mother egwin demonstrated her cool moves as she held hands with the youngsters during the photo call Wednesday the nest primarily cares for youngsters whose parents have been incarcerated a song-and-dance Melania then paid a visit to the nest a children’s home that …

Continue reading… marily cares for youngsters whose parents have been incarcerated and was met by a group of singing children to the beach the first lady swayed her hips as she walked up a pathway with the kids while they continued to sing and dance children living there greeted her with singing and dancing and it didn’t take long before she relaxed [Music] she walked up a pathway through the home holding hands with two children then began to saturate to the beat as she approached the building many people on social media said the Slovenian born former model had more rhythm than they expected [Music] others felt the white house resident had cheated them out of potentially seeing her throw some serious shapes though and criticized her for strutting like a model to save face but Vickie Irvin put it down to the natural model in her that’s not dancing that’s a catwalk [Music] hashtag model life one user was just grateful she didn’t dance anything like British Prime Minister Theresa May who was subject of much chatter this week for walking on stage and edit or conference to an Abba tune [Music] means of the 62 year old dancing with children in Africa were also all over the internet recently [Music] oMG our Prime Minister waddled onto the stage to dancing clean have a Conservative Party conference and embarrassed herself her party and country yesterday [Music] you think you have problems on user wrote duct runs was briefed on the children living at the house for babies with staff explaining that some had been abandoned while others had parents who had been incarcerated Milania took time to cuddle with several of the infants looking delighted to get the chance to spend so much time with them thank you for what you do and taking care of them Melania said while holding a baby girl originally handed to her wrapped in a blanket bearing the logo of the best the child welfare initiative she launched this year and is promoting during this week’s Africa visit [Music] she returned the girl and kneeled down to lift a void from a map and turned to face the media with him in her arms asking do you see the cameras before cradling another baby share this article share clothes she was then introduced to some of the next youngest residents and enjoy cuddling several of the babies what an experience later Melania was seen watching the Zebras while on the safari during her day visit to the