Reporter News TV – Mexican couple found with body parts are suspects in 10 murders | Entertainment News

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A Mexican couple have been arrested outside Mexico City while transporting human body parts in a baby stroller and are now suspected of killing ten women [Music] the man and woman were detained on Thursday in Ecatepec a crime-ridden suburb of Mexico City after officers caught them coming out of a house with a stroller full of dismembered body parts officials say [Music] after searching two buildings investigators found additional human remains in buckets filled with cement and wrapped in plastic in a refrigerator [Music] forensics experts are attempting to identify the victims while the coup…

Continue reading… remain in detention as the investigation proceeded the pair who were only identified by first names are also suspected of selling one of the dead woman’s baby the couple they folded to have also been detained up they’ve came under suspicion because they knew three of the women who had disappeared over the last five months in the city police has placed them under surveillance when they caught them thursday dog hundreds of people vented their outrage in the streets of the cat a peck on Sunday [Music] carrying candles and white flowers they demand a justice and an end to rampant femicide in Mexico State not one more enough is enough said they’re flat birds dot Mexico has