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I’m m Savin cult leaders Keith Ronnie air and aliceandmac have appeared back in court with smiles on their faces as their lawyers announced to delay their trial until March 2019 [Music] the notorious duo appeared in New York’s Brooklyn federal court on Thursday Ronnie are stalled into court wearing a brown prison uniform and a smirk on his face and Mac was seen equally upbeat laughing with her lawyers in the courtroom but the smiles were quickly wiped off their faces as Judge Nicholas Gary you fees launched a furious tirade after their attorneys announced the trial would be pushed back to next …

Continue reading… r calling them childish according to Radar [Music] Ronnie ur and Mac were joined by defendants Claire grunts men Lauren thousands and Cathy Russell [Music] six defendant Mansi salesman was absent due to a recent surgery but the trial was previously proposed to begin in January but it was pushed back with the [Music] u-s attorneys saying they’ve been working effectively with the defendants attorneys and they agreed upon the postponed days the delay outraged Judge Gary eupbs who reprimanded the lawyers for their stony silence on the timeline of the trial after the defendants attorneys previously said they wanted a trial sooner rather than later [Music] he said the lawyer silence in last month’s hearing was totally unacceptable and he went so far as compare the lawyers to third graders [Music] someone please explain to me the point is we went from one extreme to another you all are trained on how to talk to judges you just left me in silence don’t you ever dare do that again ever very new fees shouted if you want to have a relationship of trust and professionalism you have to be prepared to meet me halfway [Music] I’ve done this eighteen and a half years no one has ever done this to me before I’m not playing games with people I left this courtroom having been basically ignored when I ask you a question and you sit there and you don’t even answer my question is unacceptable he added Ronnie Ayers lawyer mark Agni philo tried to apologize cutting into the judges harangue saying we would never ignore your honor and took the last court hearing very seriously [Music]