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An obese man who takes up a four-bed Hospital Bay cannot be discharged because there is no care home for him to go to if has been claimed Matthew Crawford 33 along with all the equipment required to move him is said to take up enough room for four beds at Kingsmill hospital in southern and Ashfield Nottingham sheer where he has been staying it for five months NHS staff claimed the 55 stone man is medically fit to discharge but that there is no acceptable social care space so he cannot leave forcing hospital staff to turn away other patients an NHS source told the mirror everybody is sick to t…

Continue reading… back teeth with the situation and it’s about time it was exposed [Music] there’s nothing medically wrong with Matt now but were powerless to get rid of him they added this states for for people who need to be on the ward being taken up by one bloke who doesn’t [Music] share this article cher Crawford should be moved somewhere more appropriate to create room in the hospital the source said [Music] he was moved to King