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The man accused of strangling a former Playboy model in her apartment appeared in court in Pennsylvania on Friday after confessing to police that he killed her because she refused to pay him for drugs after they had sex Jonathan Harris 30 is accused of killing Christina craft 36 in her apartment in Ardmore after a knife out in Philadelphia on August 22nd [Music] they met in a bar then took a lift back to the apartment Crofts fiancee owned it is not clear if they were living together in it or if he maintained it for her Harris had an ounce of cocaine on him at the time and Kraft had agreed to p…

Continue reading… him $1,200 for it [Music] when they got to her apartment the pair took some of the drugs then had sex the police said [Music] Harris who had been let out of prison a month earlier after serving time for drugs and robbery charges had already texted a friend saying he was going to the home of a sexy a white beef [Music] afterwards he asked her for the drug money but she refused and they got into an argument which turned violent when she started raising her voice telling him to get out [Music] according to CBS he hit her over the head with a bottle and slapped her on the face [Music] he then tied her up and hit her until she lost consciousness when she woke up she asked if she could call her father which he agreed to [Music] Harris told police that he never meant to kill the woman and would take it back if he could he lashed out when he saw her dial 911 grabbing the phone then throwing it away then strangling her with an object police have not yet named [Music] he then fled the apartment through a back door to avoid security cameras which filmed him going into the building earlier authorities claim she was found by police after a friend called for them to perform a welfare check [Music] not only did Harris murder her according to police but he stole money from her apartment before fleeing he was arrested getting off a bus in Philadelphia on August 30th after someone called police to give them his name when they recognized him in surveillance footage that was circulated to try to identify Crofts killer after his arrest he told police he never meant for her to die and would take it back if he could [Music] on the morning of her death Harris texted a friend to say he had met a sexy awhite be and was going home with her [Music]