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A romanian man has been arrested over the rape and murder of bulgarian TV journalist victoria Maranatha prosecutor said she had been raped beaten and suffocated with her body left dumped in a park near the Danube River in ruse on Saturday [Music] her mobile phone car keys glasses and part of her clothes were missing detectives said the man was detained as part of the probe into the killing of the journalist for Marion Public Radio reported today citing police sources stating he was a Romanian citizen with a passport for meldova [Music] Lucy’s shoot Commissioner Teeter Atanasoff told journali…

Continue reading… the man was being held for 24 hours while his alibi was investigated [Music] to say we have to tame the man we’re still checking his alibi sophie is not officially a suspect for committing the crime yet [Music] prosecutor said their enquiries would look into if the killing was committed into her work personal life or was by a random attacker with mental health problems as the spot where she was found was near a psychiatric clinic [Music] mourners held flowers candles and pictures of the 30 year old and gathered at a candlelit vigil at liberty monument in the city last night [Music] they also held images of Anna Politkovskaya a Russian journalist who was killed in 2006 in her apartment block on Miss Marron Olga’s last aired TV show as an anchor on September 30th she introduced to journalists who were investigating alleged corruption involving EU funds [Music] that appearance was her first time anchoring the show on news based TV station TV and a popular channel in northeastern Bulgaria share this article share she said the regional current affairs show detector would do similar investigations Business News she was best known for presenting a regional lifestyle show and was not a household name nationally the European Commission the European Union’s executive said in a tweet yesterday there is no democracy without a free press [Music] we expect the swift and thorough investigation to bring those responsible to justice [Music] the European anti-fraud office Olive declined to comment Allah killing but it’s press office that it was aware of allegations concerning possible misuse the vu funds in Bulgaria that have been brought to light by journalists in recent weeks [Music] Fromme Zimmerman’s Commission vice president said he was shocked by the horrendous murder of Victoria Sigma Nova [Music] completer again the courageous journalist falls in the fight for truth and against corruption those responsible should be brought to justice immediately by the Bulgarian authorities interior minister Laden Maranello said that there was no evidence to suggest a link to Mara Nova’s work as a journalist so far which was echoed by police and prosecutors [Music] Merryn not told reporters on Monday we are working on all possible motives and we do not exclude anything he said no match had been found for DNA samples collected so far from the crime scene which was close to a psychiatric clinic [Music] mera Nova’s final show was a program about attila biro an investigative journalist with the rise project romania and a colleague from the bulgarian investigators side Bibble VG Demeter stoyanov the two men were briefly detained September 13th south of Sofia the capital as they investigated a tip the documents connected to suspected fraud involving a new funds were being shredded and destroyed wibbels RPG owner after your loss said it didn’t directly link mare Nova’s slaying to her work but added that a show tackled are very sensitive investigation into the miss