Reporter News TV – Ronaldo ‘to claim Real Madrid made him sign deal with rape accuser’ | Entertainment News

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Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to claim his old club Real Madrid pressured him into signing a hush money deal with the woman who alleges he raped her Portugal’s leading tabloid is claimed the footballer flew to Lisbon on Sunday from his new base in Italy for a meeting with his lawyers [Music] he was later pictured relaxing at the exclusive sky bar in the Portuguese capital with Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Corey Odom man who reported on Wednesday Renaldo’s defense strategy against the allegations of Catherine May orga would include the claim his former club had leaned on him to sign a deal e…

Continue reading… ring the case never got to court to protect its own image [Music] miss mayor Ward alleges she reached the two hundred eighty seven thousand pound settlement with Ronaldo in 2010 in exchange for her silence before the original police allegation was dropped the 33 year old juventus footballer is facing the new us police investigation over her claims ronaldo raped her at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009 after inviting her to his penthouse suite Cory Odin man Hef citing sources close to the case said one of the main arguments the star is going to use will be that he was pressured into signing the agreement to pay the American woman [Music] the footballer had just signed a lucrative contract with Real Madrid and the club was concerned about its image [Music] their concern was – when during his holidays in the u.s. Ronaldo was the center of attention and was even photographed on a night out with Paris Hilton share disorder can share the investment made by Real Madrid was hind although they never doubted the quality of the player the club was apprehensive about the consequences of his off pitch behavior [Music] the people insisted Ronaldo was opposed to the idea of signing any hush money deal before Real Madrid got involved [Music] there was no immediate response from Real Madrid to the claims which were being occurred before Wednesday literally where Ronaldo now plays a real Madrid employees