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Agricola lemur alpha Juan wolf said she fell pregnant with a son after sleeping with George Michael in 1997 a Swedish woman has claims George Michael fathered a secret love child with her when she visited the UK more than 20 years ago [Music] Agricola lemur alpha Juan wolf said she fell pregnant with her son after meeting the singer went on holiday in 1997 MS Juan wolf said the wham star was aware of the child and visited him in Sweden several times [Music] she also claimed Michael had contributed to child maintenance costs dot but representatives for Michael’s estate have dubbed the claim fictiona…

Continue reading… he Daily Star Sunday reported a source said she is claiming that she met George in August 1997 and that they slept together and she fell pregnant [Music] the suite has attempted to sell apparently positive DNA reports to various newspapers but experts say they could easily have been faked [Music] Miz Wan wolf said she first had a paternity test done in the late 1990s with Michael present but she could provide no evidence of this [Music] share this article share the latest report is dated August this year 18 months after the singer died in his home [Music] Michael previously denied having children in an interview the son reported he said thank God I don’t have children can you imagine being George Michael son or daughter [Music] the singer was in a relationship with businessman Kenny Goss when he allegedly fathered the child who is now 20 years old [Music] nice one wall setup now deleted social media accounts under the name the mrs GKP the same initials at the stars real name Giorgio’s kiriakos paleo 2 [Music]