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To tradesmen who were filmed bashing an elderly man after he cut their Uthoff with his Porsche said they were only acting in self-defense [Music] shocking dashcam footage of the violent brawl shows the two laborers going head to head with the elderly man in the middle of the road at London in Brisbane [Music] in the video one of the man in Heidi’s clothing is shown getting out of his loot and charging at the elderly driver the Porsche who had pulled up behind the men [Music] the video shows the tradesman repeatedly throw a barrage of punches at 74 year-old Leslie Mangal until he falls over on…

Continue reading… e road between two cars as the elderly man gets back on his feet and tries to fight back the laborer lashes out again until the 74 year-old falls over again in the middle of the road [Music] during the ordeal the workman’s colleague watches on as the two men continue to throw out punches of each other before the pair fleet of their youth and make a getaway [Music] share this article share it’s understood the terrifying punching match started after the mr. Nangal allegedly cut off the tradesmen’s you’d a few hundred meters down Jim P Road [Music] speaking to nine News the laborers denied any wrongdoing saying the elderly man started the ordeal after he cut them off and then allegedly threw the first punch [Music] Dale Rios who has seen throwing punches at mr. Nangal claimed he acted in self-defense saying the 74 year-old was putting his life in danger by starting the fight if someone’s coming at you trying to grab me what are you going to do mr. riah grace beg his workmate brent Leidner told the publication the pair only stopped the elderly man to ask him why the hell did you