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A transgender woman claims she was forced to bear her naked breasts by security at London Luton Airport Lilith Carroll 34 was heading to Dublin when she set off the metal detector at the security checkpoint [Music] she said a male security employees searching her touched her breasts in the public area in a post on Twitter last month Miss Carroll who is from Dublin was then escorted into a separate room to undergo a more invasive check she told the son I’ve had a terribly traumatic experience going through security before my 2005 flight from Luton to Dublin she wrote on Twitter on September 2…

Continue reading… trip the machines so forced to do the body scan a guy then searches me and touched my breasts in the public area miss Carroll said that after the employ he felt her bra he asked her what was underneath share this article share my breasts she replied dot MS Carroll said that after she was taken into a separate room she was questioned by security who said they would need to see what was under her bra she told the son I felt I had to comply because I was afraid that they might strip searched me or deeply on these but not cooperating she told the newspaper on top of the humiliation of exposing herself Ms Karen crane staff kept calling her sir despite her repeatedly correcting them they referred to her as a male so many times that she pulled out the passport to show that she was a woman she said [Music] miss Carol also says that she was never asked if she wanted a woman to be present during her search I am still crying and shaking after