Reporter News TV – White woman calls 911 over black man babysitting white children | Entertainment News

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A white woman has been accused at racial profiling for calling the police to investigate a black man whom she saw babysitting two white children at a Walmart [Music] Corey Lewis was in the parking lot of a Walmart in suburban Atlanta on Sunday when he says the woman approached and asked to check on the children a ten-year-old girl and six-year-old boy [Music] when Lewis refused to let her speak with the girl the woman followed him to his house and called 911 to request the welfare check on the children share this article share video shot by Lewis shows a Cobb County police officer arriving a…

Continue reading… he home to question Lewis in the children [Music] I’m being followed and harassed Lewis tells the cop I got two kids I’m babysitting [Music] she pulled up talking about are the kids okay one wouldn’t they be okay Lewis continues [Music] the police officer asks to speak with the children himself and Luis protests but the children get out of a nearby car and tell the officer that he is babysitting them the officer explains that he is just responding to the 911 call to make sure everything is firing [Music] Luis tells him that he works as a youth mentor THD matter was resolved when the officer called the children’s parents David Parker and Dana mango I said are you saying