Retired engineer, 88, strangled dementia-suffering wife, 85 | Entertainment News

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A pensioner killed himself and his dementia suffering wife and left a heartbreaking note for his son saying he had developed the same condition [Music] the inquests into the depths of gorge and bedded lions revealed that the 88 year old husband had left a note in the kitchen revealing his diagnosis the letter left at the home in Rochester Kent which was addressed to his son and daughter-in-law read I’m the same as mum I’m sorry Simon in Lorraine mrs. Lyons 85 had suffered with dementia for several years but the inquest heard that it appeared her husband had been recently diagnosed with the s…

Continue reading… condition the coroner at Archbishop’s palace inmates then heard that mrs. Lyons a retired librarian had been killed by compression to the neck and ruled it an unlawful killing share this article share mr. Lyons a retired mechanical engineer was killed by suspension and killed himself [Applause] [Music] the couple were discovered in their home on April 21st dot their son Simon paid tributes in the hearing saying they were devoted to each other [Music]