Roseanne Barr Keeps GRILLING Dems, This Time It’s KAMALA HARRIS | Trending News

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I’m m mark Tyson you’re watching the next news network the leader in Liberty news guess who is back Roseanne Barr yes and now she’s continuing to grill Democrats who’s in her crosshairs this time Kamala Harris Jim haunted the gateway punitives us the background reports that Candis Owens interviewed the actress Roseanne Barr on Candice Owens program on Prager you during the interview the subject moved to presidential candidate senator Kamala Harris Roseanne told Candace Owens that Kamala Harris slept slept her way to the bottom take a look at this come on so you had to work I had on talent and g…

Continue reading… looks it’s completely unfair yeah yeah but it’s Chu and nobody wants to Harris who I call kamasutra she excuse me your your she you know what she we all know what she I didn’t I did a periscope this morning I was like she slept your way to the top and therefore all the room tension issues that the way to the bottom right we’re all gonna pretend she didn’t do it okay have a happy 2020 election cycle there was a time as a feminist when I was you know way back in that bookstore but it’s like no we don’t do that we have respect for ourselves and we stick together but that all went to hell – I think feminism ultimately needs to be about truth-telling I’m not in garnering power against men that’s not feminism stop calling Semitism that’s some radicalized women’s white womens human as I say I call you all the white woman’s March that’s what I say – now I have two sons so this is my you know I’ve you know once 23 once 40 and I got five grandsons so I have a different view on how women are then a lot of these other touch right because I know a whole when I see one they come from my boys kiss my boys you know I’m their mom in there you know we have a little bit money so alright it’s interesting how she would point that out being them being a mother of two a grandmother of five sons what is she five grandsons what what does she know she says she says I know a hole when I see one she knows someone who’s sniffing around for money and she also knows that those her sons and those grandchildren those grandsons or all targets targets of the leftists feminists hate mobs now regarding Kamala Harris it’s widely known that Kamala Harris got her start in politics in the arms of Mayor Willie Brown yeah Willie Brown gave his young mistress her first eight positions totaling more than 400,000 in five years so thankfully Candace Owens and Roseanne are bringing this to the to your attention and we’re bringing it to you here at next News comment below I’ll see you the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Frenchy thanks for sticking around it’s time for you to stop paying for overpriced insurance go to patriot rates dot-com right now how many of you out there are tired of paying simply too much for auto health or life insurance cut your insurance rates substantially and save big with patriot rates calm an american insurance company you can trust owned by veterans patriot rates sources competitive pricing on auto health and life insurance and will always have your back when it comes to finding the best quote to fit your needs you’ve got nothing to lose visit patriot rates dot-com for a free quote on auto health and life insurance and stop paying for over price insurance visit patriot rates dot-com today for your free quote thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next news network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news on the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here