Schism! AFL-CIO Punches New Green Deal in the Balls, Devastates AOC’s Lunatic Plans | Trending News

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All right everyone all along for the last couple of years I’ve been talking about how little things conform to my initial prediction from 2015 which is that the Democratic Party is undergoing a fairly terrible schism right now in which the party because it is a conglomerate of different ideologies that don’t play nice together and because of the increasing partisan and high-stress political atmosphere within the United States it is risking falling apart completely this is the best piece of evidence so far now you know there have been a dozen other examples I’ve cataloged you just look up Stix …

Continue reading… nd amber 666 schism or something like that you’ll see plenty of examples throughout the last couple years but this one is a big one and that is it shows exactly what I’ve been talking about which is the bipolar nature of the lesser components of the Democratic Party the Democratic Party is comprised of three parts here’s your Liberals corporate liberals the standard left or the party partisan stuff then you have these two auxilary groups they’re much smaller but they’re still significant the business Democrats and the far left though those are the two groups and they’re at opposite sides of the main core of the party ideologically they don’t get along here’s a great example the afl-cio the largest union in the United States coming and saying oh it would endanger everyone it would do fuck everything up if we did the new Green Deal you know a o’seas big plan that was put forth by her by her organizers she’s just the one that enumerated it she did a terrible job defending it that basically is defunct now because it included cow farts and banning all air travel you know I’m sure that’ll go over over really well basically it calls for massive tax hikes in order to subsidize a number of projects which may or may not even physically work and some which definitely wouldn’t such as again getting rid of all air travel across the Atlantic and building trains I suppose on or under the ocean so that people can go back and forth to Europe from the United States I’m talking about efficiency probably is lower in that case just my own feeling but I think that that might actually cause more emissions a long term but AOC is a numbskull and an act Triss actually allegedly which I happened to agree with mr. Reagan by the way putting out a video very good one on that topic talking about the Justice Democrats literally having a casting call for candidates had nothing to do with their political jobs they were chosen because of that they were chosen because of the way they looked and sounded and acted not because of their actual beliefs I don’t even know that AOC is authentically a socialist at all it could be she doesn’t even care but she’s getting a congressional salary and she gets to look nice for the cameras in by by democratic standards she’s a stunner I suppose which we should show you you know exactly why you can maybe don’t want to date liberals just just a little bit of it aside there the afl-cio though has so many fucking members did you realize how much power the afl-cio and its associated groups has in the Rust Belt oh this is a godsend for Donald Trump see what’s happened is the far-left wants to go further left they think they have a mandate because my evil drum orange man bad and so they want to ban guns in the Muslims that some of these people are openly alluding to that they may be the fringe of the party but you know you the Democrats still want their votes during the twenty twenty election they want to go after guns they want to pass much aneema how much higher taxes they want to rapidly expand welfare single-payer free shit namely taxpayer-funded college for everyone including people that never got that benefit student loan forgiveness that’s the one area on which I can kind of agree with them on in some ways I think there ought to make a separate video on that um you know universal pre-k and all of these other things that they won they’re like well it’ll it’ll be happy chappy joy joy everyone will be wonderful together and we’ll hippie it up and everything will be free like like Bernie Sanders on steroids the problem is the business Democrats several million you know blue voters especially within the Rust Belt those individuals understand that that won’t work these are Union Dems working and middle-class stems some of these people are there like the the blue-collar job technically trained but there’s a difference between the Democrats that went to Harvard and the Democrats that went to a trade school and what the Democratic Party is suffering from is that those two groups of people ideologically opposed one another like the business Democrats are a centrist group in many ways they’re more likely to agree with Trump and I think vote for him than they would be to vote for the Democrats if the Democrats nominate the wrong person the problem is that the alternative if I look at the field of Democrats for 2020 there are two kinds of candidates that are viable we said they’re certain get like like yang is not going to be you know commander-in-chief Gillibrand is not going to become the nominee you know Gabbard slightly rising back up she may become viable she’s got very little time to do it Hickenlooper he’s not going to become the dem nominee essentially it boils down to Biden or afar leftist Joe Biden who hasn’t even necessarily gotten into the fucking race yet would do great with the business Democrats yeah he could probably win back parts of the Rust Belt zooming he doesn’t make any major mistakes I think that his age and the fact that he’s you know center-left in many ways white male wouldn’t do well for energizing the voters and that’s really the crux of the problem the problem is that the other side is is the youth heavy and far left they are not going to support somebody like that they are ideologues likewise the business Democrats are never gonna vote for a far left ID like they’re not gonna vote for Kamala Harris Kamala Kamala I want you you you the working and middle-class white Democrats in the Rust Belt I want you to pay higher – I want your taxes doubled I want to disarm you I want to take money from you and give it to people because their ancestors were slaves almost two centuries ago I want to abuse you by the way fucking vote for me yes that’s gonna work very very well meanwhile Joe Biden he comes along he did this conciliatory thing the other day I’ll make maybe a video about that to my sort of a throwaway he’s like oh well people are gonna hate on me because I liked a Republican that’s not who we are we need to be nice and so he’s trying to do the Kasich thing dude it’s so cringy it might be good with the business dams maybe the center-left so that gives him the nomination potentially but it’s gonna piss off every youth voter within the Democrats that all the gens II far-left errs and all the all the millennial trust fund babies and social justice worries will attack him for it they’ll flee to the green party or they’ll stay home some of them will vote for Trump out of spite I said well if the Democratic Party wants to get another old white you know conservative male because they can sit they would consider Biden to be very very far-right because they’re Marxist then I’ll just fucking vote for Trump after all who cares I’m gonna take the whole the black pill you know the yanking the egging stuff is basically black pilling it’s people say well the country is doomed so fuck it these are people on the further right there like ethno nationalists and stuff now like well I’m just gonna vote for this dude because of you know his bullshit universal basic income shit cuz fuck Trump and fuck the country because it’s all gonna collapse there are plenty trust me there are way more liberals that are gonna be like that on election day there are way more black filled liberals cuz Biden is likely to be their candidate and some millions of social justice words is a fuck it I might as well vote for Trump I might as well write in Kamala Harris I might as well stay home I’ve got to go and eat some more fucking soy beans I might as well just vote for the Green Party and hippie grandma who will probably be running in Daniel Jill Stein gonna be a problem for the Democratic Party and nobody sees it coming especially not the Democrats they think things are hunky-dory dude they’re staring down the barrel of a gun with the Mueller probe Trump’s approvals already 43:44 it’s already fairly decent surround where Obama was at this point office he’s about to hit 50 probably when the Mueller probe ends when it when the one dark cloud really hanging over him is gone all of the other claims about him start to degrade and disappear once that sunlight comes in some best disinfectant Trump is evil Trump is racist Trump’s upon Trump doesn’t always hoon yeah well you take away the Proceedings of the Mueller probe in the Marussia bullshit and most people I think will begin to see things a little bit differently what’s he done wrong improve the economy make a bunch of jobs lower our taxes try to make peace in Korea and make inroads doing so that no other president has done in the last 60 years oh yeah what a horrible man he is you know what are the Democrats managing to accomplish they are fighting one another now that’s normal during a primary process you’re gonna have you know the candidates going to attack one another and stuff and by the way Pelosi has begged them not to use Perez has begged them not to do this oh my god non-aggression pact non-aggression pact don’t attack each other Savior of course they’re gonna do how the hell are they supposed to campaign if they’re not attacking one another Heather oh yeah vote for me by the way all these people are just wonderful so yeah I’m unless you are the front-runner there’s no reason to be conciliatory why do you think fucking Joe Biden came out yesterday and said let’s be nice to one another oh you know I can like some Republicans yeah I’m a great guy why do you think he’s doing that he’s the fucking frontrunner and he’s not even in the race he’s practically a shoo-in for the nomination dude the race is so crowded with leftists that all he needs to do is have 25-30 percent of the party congeal behind him is the only sane candidate every business Democrat in the country will flock to him meanwhile millions of leftists will be alienated and the schism will deepen they want to steal money and ban guns and double your taxes and go back to war with North Korea and fuck Iran and they want to fuck around with everything in this country and make it a dystopian fucking hellhole like Venezuela don’t you think that the millions of afl-cio members they say fuck the Green Deal fuck the the far left they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re pulling shit out of their ass don’t you think that they’re gonna glom on to a Biden ticket you’ll get their endorsement day one probably they’ll say oh my god thank goodness the same person’s in the race dude when Joe Biden looks conservative when you within your party within your political movement you need to do some soul-searching that’s about all P so