Schumer Urges Deep State to ‘Stage Intervention’ Against Trump! | Trending News

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hi there it’s WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news Schumer urges deep state two-stage intervention against Trump Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has urged the deep state to stage an intervention against President Trump Schumer sent to letter Wednesday to Director of National Intelligence Stan Coast CIA director Gina hospital and FBI director Christopher ray asking them to intervene after Trump suggested earlier in the day that his Intel advisors go back to scho…

Continue reading… a good way pundit dot-com reports two years ago Schumer warned then president-elect Trump against standing up to the Intel community saying let me tell you you take on the intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you Donald J Trump the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran they are wrong when I became president Iran was making trouble all over the Middle East and beyond since sending the terrible Iran nuclear deal they are much different but Donald J Trump dot dot dot dot dot a source of potential danger and conflict they are testing Rockets last week and more and are coming very close to the edge their economy is now crashing which is the only thing holding down back be careful of Iran perhaps intelligence should go back to school Schumer posted his letter to Twitter saying it’s past time for US intelligence community leaders to stage an intervention with that real Donald Trump Chuck Schumer it’s past time for US intelligence community leaders to stage an intervention with my letter to Dan Coates the Director of National Intelligence Schumer’s warning to then press electrum came on the Maddow show two years ago this month Maddow blog he’s being really dumb to do this Senator Schumer on Trump taunting US intelligence agencies Schumer’s letter dear director Coates president Trump’s criticism of the testimony you and other intelligence leaders provided to Congress yesterday was extraordinarily inappropriate and undermine public confidence for the US government’s efforts to protect our national security and preserve us power and influence abroad I applaud you under colleagues in the intelligence community for being clear-eyed about the threats we face but you cannot allow the president’s cell advised and unwarranted comments today to stand I believe it is incumbent on you director a and director Haspel to insist on an immediate meeting with the President to educate him about the facts and raw intelligence underlying the intelligence community assessments and to impress upon him how critically important it is for him to join and the leadership of our intelligence community in speaking with the unified and accurate voice about national security threats age-wise putting you in two colleagues in an untenable position and hurting the national interests in the process you must find a way to make that clear to him sincerely Charles E Schumer United States Senator please don’t forget through like and support our channel by a press subscribe button thank you for watching