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All right everyone SCOTUS has refused to hear a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood brought by two states one of them I think was Kentucky I can’t remember which one the other one was in red states now in generally anti pro-choice which is what I call it I don’t put any moralism in the issue because I’m not immoral so I believe in freedom I don’t think the government should be able to invade your privacy as simple as that by the way I extend that to guns a lot of these people on the Left don’t but it’s it’s basically the same mentality it was a six to three decision not to hear this case and Ca…

Continue reading… augh was one of those that voted against hearing and he joined Roberts and and the left-wing judges now I support this decision it’s interesting that Cavanaugh would jump across now some of the Mogga people are like they’re sardonically remarking at them on well he’s doing that because they spent so long calling him a sexist he didn’t dare to vote the other I know that I think he’s got a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS he doesn’t have to worry about the social justice warriors being pissed at him anymore the thing is that it was always a lie always a fantasy that he was some hardline far-right winger that wanted women in the kitchen barefoot that was always a just a bunch of bullshit that was fear-mongering to try to stall out his appointment to piss off the Mogga fans and and use it as a midterm wedge issue for the Democrats that’s all it was about they know that he doesn’t stand against him a woman’s right to choose he’s already weighing in on it before he gave his opinion before he’s like well I know I’m not a big fan of abortion yet believe in Christ and I listen cop-out bullshit that politicians give really but yeah it’s pretty much settled so you know the generally speaking to overturn existing Supreme Court precedent you need a very high threshold even consider doing so what he’s signaling is he wouldn’t he would vote to maintain roe v wade you need to stop where if you’re on the Left you’re yeah I mean if you’re taking it seriously the Democrats always use abortion as a wedge issue they’ll do it in 2020 as well I guarantee that one of the pitching points that they’ll make in the 2020 election is we need to get rid of Trump cuz Ginsburg is gonna keel over in the next four years we know that she’s not long for this world we’ve got to get rid of Trump and get a Democrat in there otherwise roe v– wade will be destroyed that’s exactly what they’ll campaign on and a lot of people will believe it but they’ve been making that fucking argument for 30 years they’ve been campaigning out of it like when the Republican said well if the Democrats win back the house are gonna take your guns oh they don’t control the Senate they don’t have the White House it doesn’t matter somehow magically they’re going to manage it this time and it’ll be bipartisan because will magically become more far left on the issue – it’s not gonna happen here’s the thing and I know I get flack for this whenever I talk about being pro-choice a lot of my audience which know tilts to the right at this point I think that would be a fair assessment including some of the libertarians that are more evangelical than maybe secular now I know that I’m gonna get flack by saying this but it’s not pragmatic to ban abortion anyway yes I think it should be more read a little readily available absolutely it’s economically pragmatic the net loss in in welfare for unplanned pregnancies would be catastrophic if we could you’d have to reduce the welfare state you’d have a bunch of young mothers as begging street urchins carrying five or six kids around on their shoulders if you didn’t have the system that we have now where abortion is legal and I would much rather it take place in a Planned Parenthood than someone have to fly to Mexico or Canada to get one it’s legal there it’s not like they’re not going to be sought out unless you want to prosecute people for good for doing for abortion tourism or something we had a period of time long long ago before roe v wade when abortion was illegal in most of the US and they still happened it’s just that a lot of mothers ended up with sepsis because they puncture their cervix in order to get an emergency abortion there’s oh I’m miscarrying my life is in danger there’s a there’s of my life is in danger excuse their doctor signs off on it yeah she’s miscarrying suctioned out the baby and it was unsafe and they get sepsis some of them died of that tens of thousands of women died and a lot of them ended up stair I’ll from such things and those that did the rich went to Canada the poor went to Mexico and the truly poor or or the Evangel angelical in some dirt floor shack shamed by the community for even having premarital sex if you do I would just puncture their cervix didn’t go to the doctor oh my god doctor I’m a man pregnant stuff don’t tell my dad this would happen and unfortunately what would end up happening if it was banned is that a lot of you would end up with some female relative her friend would have that problem right now it’s not a problem though at least in most parts of the US because you can get an abortion by the way if it’s within the first I think five weeks I just you a couple of pills they don’t have it there’s no surgical procedure there’s no oh they vivisect the baby and pull out its head with clamps and rip it apart and all this other shit that they tell you at the fake-ass Christian place that masquerades as a pregnancy counseling and really it’s just an excuse to try to get you to keep the baby oh please have the baby and then give it up for adoption which you won’t want to do once you’re flooded with hormones and it’s a bunch of bullshit by the way it’s funny when people say well yeah but I’ve got a high mini-van Jellico I believe it’s murder but I’ve got a heart if the woman’s been raped or if her life is in danger that’s different no it’s not still a murder by your fucking ethical standards don’t do the new mamby-pamby thing with me don’t try to weasel your way around admitting the that’s a little bit of an aside for you you’re like oh well yeah so you’re thinking emotionally basically well that’s why you’ve arrived at the conclusion that the fetus is necessarily given constitutional rights I look at it as this way I don’t trust the government to make that fucking decision and this is the same reasoning that was used to make sure that the states couldn’t violate your Second Amendment rights and in this general sense that the state’s cannot prevent Planned Parenthood from being gay from getting Medicaid patients can use Planned Parenthood or something it’s the same exact reasoning the states are also bound to the Constitution it’s not just the federal government the federal government being constrained doesn’t mean the states aren’t equally constrained in many ways the Tenth Amendment confers certain special rights to the states not the right to supersede the rest of the Constitution in other words well that’s great for the Second Amendment wouldn’t you agree well it’s the same for the right to privacy which feeds into roe v wade Kavanaugh is never gonna vote to overthrow roe v wade that’s a fuckin wedge issue and it’ll be dragged up trust me as long as trumps in there the Democrats will will pound their fists and sweat and swear and go crazy and try to convince all their fans oh my god trump hates women Trump will appoint people to hate women he’s going after Oh V wait this tells a different story now doesn’t it methinks that thou art wrong I’m not worried about it at all no I don’t worry at all about abortion being struck down magic it’s gonna become illegal I’ve already had that in the country it didn’t work that’s why Rovi wait is a thing you can morally oppose it all you want but the wonderful thing about the Constitution about the concept of limited government just because you morally opposed something doesn’t mean it needs to become illegal it’s possible for you to think something is wrong and for it to remain in sway and something people are allowed to do hell some of you think well you know weed is is a monstrous terrible devil’s herb well yeah that’s becoming legal some people think well you shouldn’t be although what a gun guns are bad they magically get up and shoot people yeah but they’re legal and they’ll remain legal and I think that’s a wonderful thing by the way yes of course FLAC perfectly expected in the comments section I don’t really bother to debate the point it’s like I’ve stopped bothering to debate people in politics for the most part I just put my own views and my own analysis out there and don’t bother because it’s not gonna change anyone’s mind pretty much everyone makes up their mind at a young age about every fucking thing they believe in they’re not capable of changing their minds so fuck it it’s just like when the left attacked me for a debating spenser which have to talk about at some point soon that’s about all peace out