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see bucks Russell Wilson raves about wallets he will display heavy calm the Seattle Seahawks selected former Ohio State Titan nick Vanette in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft and hoped to have found their future at the position so when former tight and Jimmy Graham left town and free agency this offseason it seemed like Ben it’s time to shine but through two games it’s been rocky Wildenstein as Russell Wilson’s go to target at the position while vanad has four catches for 34 yards dis little six grabs for an impressive 147 yards and two touchdowns ahead of the team’s week 3 game with the Dallas Cowboys Wilson spoke with Amelia and addressed to cease play not only did he call him a baller but tossed him a comparison d cowboys legend Jason Witten as John Makuta of the Dallas Morning News revealed this Lee’s impressive start the play of dysley itself has been impressive but how he’s been able to take over after the week one playing time split is even more eye-opening in that first game dis Lee played fewer snaps than Bennett 35 – 33 / Football Outsiders but it was far better from the receiving standpoint he caught three passes for 105 yards and one touchdown while veditz one grab one for 11 yards obviously this Lee was simply able to do more with his target than his counterpart but the hot run carried into week two this time head coach Pete Carroll gave to slay the nod in terms of playing time as his 47 offensive snaps trumped the 26 Bennett blade it seems the seahawks have shifted over to disobey their starter which makes sense considering he’s leading the team in receiving entering week three