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All right everyone Hilary Clinton back in the news for making dumb suggestions saying essentially it often takes a woman to get the job done in reference to Pelosi actually the supposedly great job that she’s doing what job what exactly has the house done since she became House Speaker again nothing the government is completely deadlocked right now other than other than send billions of dollars to Israel that’s really the only thing that Congress has actually managed to do and it’s got its he has Trump’s blessing too because he’s like well you know pander pander I think that during a governmen…

Continue reading… hutdown you know battle like we have there shouldn’t be any foreign aid going out just my opinion I think we should save that money for our own domestic functions during a shutdown but I guess that makes me I’m a Russian pond or something because I suggest that how very funny yeah that’s that’s the only thing Congress has managed to do I think they appropriated a little bit of money for a few things here and there otherwise literally nothing’s going on they even defeated the suggestion of a hard withdrawal from Syria in Afghanistan that’s right the Senate just voted down Trump’s attempt to withdraw from Syria so so the legislature is very pro war they overwhelmingly voted to keep our troops there despite the fact that they’re not really able to do anything and we literally have to parlay with the Taliban to keep a presence in Afghanistan without our dudes getting slaughtered over there uh but you know remember Trump is a bad person he has he’s bad on foreign policy he wants to end several wars Rand Paul by the way on board with it so you know another gold star for him uh when Hillary Clinton comes out and applauds Pelosi ins as well takes a woman to get things done oh you mean like you couldn’t do during the last election like you couldn’t do in regards to knowing how to send an email yeah the other Clinton should fucking speak for herself yeah isn’t it deeply sexist to say something like this like if I came out said well sometimes it takes a man to get something accomplished don’t you think that a bunch of turfs would dog pilot be like oh my god how dare you suggest such a thing you know sometimes it takes a man to have a dick or something like it like you would be seen as sexist but she says this nobody fucking cares like yeah you go girl yeah sleek like the the most grotesque and stupid thing ever especially when you think now who Hillary Clinton is in women’s rights break the glass ceiling oh my god who have a woman vote for me not in that at the same time she’s attacking bills accusers like years ago like four or five different women she raked him over the coals and basically said well there is loose morale they seduced my husband and now they regret it and so now they’re claiming that he sexually assaulted or raped them or something she did that there was no hashtag believe her back then there was no me to movement to defend some of bills victims and let’s just call him that I mean when you get to the point where there’s five or six different people making similar allegations throughout a very long span of time it becomes a little bit harder to live that down it’s like it’s like the other thing is if you have a pictures on a gal frankenz groping picture or something if it’s just one or two people making vague allegations they can’t substantiate it’s a little different than like a Bill Cosby if you know what I’m saying but so she goes after them she attacks like the meat to people even in the contemporary sense when they start talking about Bill then backs off because she realizes she’s no longer she’s no longer hip and young like she was back in the 80s of the 90s oh my goodness Hillary Clinton’s like an old boring woman now and doesn’t have the charisma or the really the political allies to whether such a thing and has to withdraw from the battlefield now but don’t you think it’s time for the Democratic Party to expunge the sexism the obvious sexism in some of its language usage know it doesn’t always take a woman to get something done any more than it takes a man to get something now it takes a skilled person to get something done that’s why the Democrats keep failing there aren’t enough skilled people most of the women and men in their political party are a bunch of narrow do Wells corporate lawyers carpetbaggers and bullshitters that’s basically half the Democratic Party right now there’s your fucking problem tell the Republicans have problems too it looks like you sometimes it looks like a televangelist convention what they’re speaking don’t get me started on some of their foibles but I mean Hillary Clinton’s not one to talk you failed to break the glass ceiling thank goodness I think we’d be in a war right now when Trump came out of State of the Union or was it just before then said well you know if I would have been elect being a great big war right now I I think so I absolutely believe that the way she spoke about Iran yeah we probably would be in a war with Iran right now which means a escalation of the Cold War it’s already bad enough we’d be in a nuclear standoff or some beat Cuban Missile Crisis all fucking over again if she’d won it takes a woman to get things done know it takes an old rich batty person to get things done if you’re a Democrat again that’s your fucking problem as a political party so Hillary Clinton hearing her like remember right after the election for almost a year like every other week I had to make a video on the next stupid thing that she said she’s like oh the pink cat whereas I wish they had come out in these numbers during the election and we would have had a different result it’s like trust me anyone who right after the election began protesting and screeching to the sky and a pink pussy hat voted for you they went and pulled the lever trust me not one of them stayed home because they think that your opponent is Adolf Hitler so certainly they had a reason to vote she tried to blame them sexism was responsible racism was responsible Russia was responsible the media didn’t love me enough I wasn’t there darling enough even though 99 percent of them said did nothing but softball fluff pieces about me for the last year um who else did you fuck in the DNC she tried to blame oh they didn’t free up enough time and money I had to do everything myself Trump was able to just run around everywhere I had to do fundraisers dude yeah you should have slimmed down your campaign some and streamlined it been more efficient and not gone to so many fucking fundraisers that was her fault mm-hmm my Hillary Clinton is the kind of person to blame others she probably thinks Pelosi owes our a favor now for complimenting her and then I mean it’s not even true Pelosi hasn’t accomplished anything and she’s not going to by the way it looks like there might be wall funding by the way after all looks like they’re about to make Trump an offer of 2 to 2.5 billion which is about half of what he’s asked for take it he gets well funny you say he’s gonna say look I can finish several hundred miles of improved barrier and upgrade them the detention facilities with this money it’ll be great yeah your market for that first priority should probably be the detention facilities considering the state some of the marimba yeah it’ll do it very very visibly and say look I deliver we’ve gotta have more negotiations I still need the other two and a half billion but now I’ll reopen the government for now we can talk about this later this show of grace and then he’ll he’ll want more tax cuts or something by the way when that comes through he’s gonna get a boost in popularity I think look for his approval to start ticking back upwards it’s already begun to recover which I predicted would happen that’s because we had some statistical noise within the polling as far as Pelosi what’s her approval a it’s like 25 percent I’m not surprised even the Democrats don’t really like her you know her her big their big win the other night was clapping in a certain way and it’s like no just made her look like she has arthritis or something that’s about all peace out