Shock Report Unmasks George Soros Secret Ties To Plot To Bring Down Kavanaugh! | Trending News

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hi there it’s WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news shock report unmasks george soros secret tries to plot to bring down Cavanaugh there is a sinister force lurking in the shadows of the campaign to destroy Brad Cavanaugh and George Soros is the behind-the-scenes forest powering this smear campaign now a new bombshell report has unmasked Soros his secret tries to the plot to bring down Cavanaugh left-wing protesters confront Jeff Flake last Friday two women quandra k…

Continue reading… Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator just after he declared he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh they ranted and raved about his decision and claimed to be victims of sexual assault on Monday I stood in front of your office one of the women annamaria archila said I told the story of my sexual assault Archie Lowe continued I told it because they recognized and dr. Ford’s story that she is telling the truth she said her voice breaking what you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court this is not tolerable you have children and your family think about them critics did not believe this scene was under up and up archila and her accomplice brought the CNN camera along they believe CNN colluded with the two women to stage the scene to create dramatic TV that would pressure flake into voting no flag folded and agreed to Democrat demands for one week pause to allow the FBI to probe allegations that Cavanaugh tried to rape kristinb Lacey Ford protesters connection to Soros these protesters did not stumble upon flake by accident they are George Soros linked activists archila is the co-executive director for the nonprofit Center for popular democracy in 2016 Soros funneled 1.5 million dollars to the Center for popular democracy through his open society foundation the group’s spokesman said it has long supported the work of the Center for popular democracy the decision to discuss the Kavanagh nomination with Sen flake was obviously a deeply personal one and Miss annamaria our jill has explained her thinking and motivations for doing so that decision was entirely independent of osf support that said the Foundation’s proudly support the right of all citizens to make their voices heard by their elected representatives a bedrock principle of our democracy that surely Fox News believes and as well no one believes archly just magically knew which elevator Flake whom the press already identified as a key swaying vote on her own her presence at the elevator as well as having a CNN camera with her was part of the left-wing plot to destroy Cavanaugh liberals are terrified he will vote to overturn roe v– wade the left treats abortion like a holy right so they pulled out all the stops no conservative was surprised it involved Soros funded activists the left is clearly playing for keeps they orchestrated the pressure campaign to take advantage of rhinos squishes like Jeff Flake at work in delaying the vote on Kavanagh will it succeed in killing his nomination we will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing video please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button dot thank you for watching